Best Movie Music Themes

I’ve been talking about movie soundtracks and then I remembered, some movies have the best theme songs! That’s the only way I can explain it and I feel like you’ll get it when you read on. So here is my list of movies with the best music themes.

Lord of the Rings

Starting with a golden. This is such a good trilogy, like you don’t even understand. I love lotr!! I don’t just love it for the story lines, the amazing characters, the emotional growth and the amazing action sequences. I also love it for it’s music!

Lotr has a distinctive sound. As soon as I hear a particular theme I know, “Oh someone is about to kick ass” or “Omd I’m about to be hit in the feels!”

There are also themes for the shire, for the elves and Rivendale, for Mordor or evil. After watching the movies a couple of times you begin to naturally associate the sound with a feeling or a people. You could be in a grocery store and hear the theme of the shire and immediately you’ll be transported to the shire like, “Samwise?” (He’s my favourite, that’s right I said it!)

The time music got to me the most in lotr was the Ride of Rohirrim in Return of the King. At that point in the movie things were pretty bleak, and it was just one thing after another. Then the sound of the horn broke through the horror and it was like, “Hope has arrived”. It was so moving! Theoden’s speach, the sound of the horns mixed with that lotr theme, the charge of “DEATH!” and then for the first time the orcs were scared. I tell you, one of the most beautiful moments in the movie.

Ps: ever seen The Simpsons lotr spoof? It’s the best.

Harry Potter

Back when the movies were still coming out me and my friends used to go and see them. We’d sit down, watch some trailers and then finally the movie would start. As soon as we saw that Warner Brothers logo and heard that Harry Potter theme we transported into that world and didn’t leave it until the movie was over.

The theme set the tone of the Harry Potter world. It was a tad melancholy and a tad like ballet. What I mean is I imagine some kind of fancy dancing when I hear the theme or I think of flying.

Like lotr Harry Potter has musical themes for almost everything! It has themes for saddness, Hedwig, mischief and for the epic moments. It was even done on BBC Proms, that’s how epic the theme is.

Star Wars

Star Wars is pretty epic. I like the original series the most so far. I mean it started it all off and the story was the best. The musical themes were also picked at that time and they have stayed even to the new films.

There is the main theme of Star Wars that we all know… well I assume we all know. So grand and epic and hopeful! It really is hopeful although a whole tone of crap happens in the Star Wars universe. It says a lot that it’s main theme is hopeful. It gets me excited as well, like “Yes! We can do this!” *sound of lightsaber*

It also has quiet moments to highlight those quiet, sad or curious moments in the films.

Then there’s Darth Vader’s theme: The Imperial March. It’s still iconic to this day. I mean a kid on Return of Superman (William) loves the theme and he’s a baby.

John Williams did a good job, I think he’s the one who composed the themes.

Fantastic Four

Unlike the first three for Fantastic Four I like the musical themes for the characters the most. Each member of the team has a theme and you can hear it when they use their power or powers in the case of Susan Storm.

I think that was the first time Marvel characters had a theme for their powers… barring Spider Man or something.

Most people don’t like this movie because it was done by Fox and because they thought it was lame but I loved it. I thought they captured the characters and the comic book well. It was cool, the acting was good, the powers were great and the dynamics were spot on. I mean the jealousy of Victor Von Doom, his menace and ruthlessness. Sue and Reed’s love. Ben’s inner struggle with his new identity and Johnny’s love for it.

My favourite scenes with their powers and the music is the rescue on the bridge and the final battle against Doctor Doom.

The Chronicles of Narnia

These were fun childhood movies that I rewatched recently. It’s a shame they didn’t carry on and adapt the whole series but oh well. I like each movie, my favourite probably being Voyage of the Dawn Treader. However you can’t forget the one which started them all.

This one also has an iconic theme. Just hearing it I think, “Majestic!” It’s simply majestic. I mean the coronation scene? Come on now. It also makes me think of Aslan, of the power and the majesty that he has.

The White Witch also has her own theme in there, and it kind of makes you nervous because she was no easy foe. Out of all the foes they faced she was probably the one who struck the most fear into people. I know the Telmarines were powerful but they weren’t scary, just corrupt men with better weapons.

The theme is also great for slow motion battle scenes *envisions it*.

Weirdly the theme also gets me emotional, oh the feels! The nostalgia! If you haven’t I recommend watching them again, they were such good films.

Pirates of the Caribbean

The love began with The Curse of the Black Pearl and Capt. Jack Sparrow. Ahh the pirates … of the Caribbean.

This is another iconic one. It can be playful and mischievous. It can then be hopeful and emotional. It can be epic and it can be dark and sinister. It can also be urgent and dramatic! A good theme indeed to capture the nature of Pirates of the Caribbean and its characters.

Like with lotr when I hear a part of the theme it takes me to specific scenes that have been ingrained in my memory.

My favourite movie from the franchise is The Curse of the Black Pearl and I feel it has the best moments of the theme. Where Jack and Will are fighting together, when the cursed crew walks the ocean floor and when Will and Elizabeth save Jack much to his surprise. A close second favourite movie would be At World’s End.

Batman v Superman

Another favourite for character musical themes.

Each superhero had a theme and it was great. Wonder Woman’s theme is epic! Superman’s is melancholy and powerful. I can’t put my finger on Batman’s it’s more subtle.

My favourite moments in this movie with the themes has to be when Wonder Woman enters the fight against Doomsday (EPIC!!) and when Superman saves people from the fire on the day of the dead and when he’s pulling that ship, so powerful.

Star Trek

Another one that gets me straight up emotional! When I say Star Trek I mean the reboot. Omd what a good soundtrack. I didn’t expect to like the movie so much when I first saw it but I did!

The scene that gets to me the most is when Kirk’s father becomes Captain and sacrifices himself to save millions and any moment the theme is used. When they rise out of the water in Star Trek 2 to save Spock or when they pop up and save the day at the end of Star Trek 1. It doesn’t matter, when the theme is used, I get caught up in the feels.


So that’s my list, do you agree? What movie or movie series would you add?

Comment below 🙂

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