My Problem with April and GA

So this post is going to be me ranting, if you’re not into that I will not feel offended if you choose not to read on. Also if you read on and disagree with my point of view that is okay, I’m cool with that.

Okay, so I wanted to talk about April in Grey’s Anatomy. She can be neurotic and annoying but in the end she has a good heart. She’s really grown through out the series. I mean look at where she started and where she is now, there’s a huge difference!

Now the second thing I liked about April or rather the romance I liked for her was the one with Jackson. They started out as friends and then moved on to being more than friends and then in love and then married. I’ll stop there for now.

It was so beautiful, their love story, and so natural. It is ideal to marry or fall in love with someone who is your best friend. It is how a lot of relationships in the real world happen.

But then it went downhill. In fact even in the beginning their romance was shakey. April felt guilty because she broke her vow of abstinence (till marriage) with Jackson but then she continued to go there with him. At this point I was like, “Accept that you’ve had sex and move on, you can’t undo it. Stop making him and yourself feel guilty!” Then they broke up and she got with that paramedic. I felt sorry for Matthew and honestly April and Jackson should have been honest with themselves instead of putting Stephanie and Matthew through all that pain and humiliation. I will never understand runaway brides unless their family is forcing them or something. But no one forced April to say yes, they spent all that money on the venue and dress blah blah and then to runaway? Was I the only broke person who was sitting there like, “How?” It’s not even just about the money, they wasted a lot of people’s time and they hurt Stephanie and Matthew as I said.

Then they got married straight away. I’m not going to front, as a former Japril shipper I was so happy. Finally, no more games! They were together! And it was great! But then y’all know what happened, in short: Christianity conflict, the baby they lost, April leaving and coming back expecting it to be okay, Jackson’s heart hardened and then divorce.

Even after their divorce I still had hope because I felt that they still loved each other but now I’ve come to the point where I want no more Japril. That’s right, I can no longer be a Japril shipper.

Jackson doesn’t love her anymore, not romantically, he’s busy chasing what’s her name. And they had sex on that trip they took together and it meant nothing… nothing! I was like, “Why go there if you had no intention of following through?” (I was asking the writers this) “And don’t tell me it’s to show an accurate portrayal of what happens after divorce. Nah boo, if your show was accurate half the things would never happen! *cough* plane crash *cough* bomb *cough* every season finale bar the first one *cough*” (Sorry, it’s winter).

And why does April take so much crap? I get that she was in the wrong too for her marriage breakdown. She shouldn’t have left Jackson when he was grieving too. She tended to only think about her emotions and that wasn’t fair. But can we forgive her now? Can she have her own life? Can she move up in her career? Can she find love? Like can we move on from mother freaking Jackson?

Why does Shonda do this? She puts two couples together who won’t work fundamentally and gets you to fall in love with them and then rips them apart. I’m so sick of it! Right now the only couple that has worked is Jo and Alex but you never know what the future holds.

And why do they get married so quickly? Owen and Cristina, April and Jackson… why don’t they talk before they get married? Jackson was acting like it was brand new that April was religious. If you had a problem with Christianity why did you marry her? Why?

And let’s talk about Christianity for a second. Sometimes I feel like Christianity is the enemy on the show. I don’t know, I watch and think have they met only one kind of Christian? It’s such a big religion and yet it’s like we’re all the same on the show. I’m not too hot on the using-Matthew’s-wife-to-test-April’s-faith story line either.

Basically I don’t like where they’ve taken April. I feel like they do this to all my favourite female characters. I loved Callie and look where she ended up, couldn’t even have Sofia. I mean why did they turn her character into that? Did they need to make her the bad guy so we wouldn’t feel sad about her leaving? That season was just so un Callie. And now April.

I know a lot of people want her and Jackson back together but I honestly don’t want that anymore. They’re not even friends anymore. He’s moved on and I don’t see why she can’t. I’m not here to wait for him to want her again, nope! Let her move on. Let them move on.

I know it’s just a show but I can’t stand story lines like that. I’d like to see a healthy relationship for once. You know what amma just watch Because this is my first life again because they did it right and it was beautiful!

What do you think? Do you still want April and Jackson back together?

Comment below 🙂

Justice for Owen too. He’s been through enough. First the saddness of his relationship with Cristina and now Amelia *sigh* Shonda.

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