Joyous Music

Are you studying really hard? Had a hard day at work? Are you having a bad day or is it really cold where you are? Well I have some joyous music for you!

The other day I was coming home and it was sooo cold! I was listening to music but then I thought, I should listen to really happy, bright music that gets me dancing and then I’ll feel better.

I did that and hey it worked! So I thought I’d share some with you.

EXO – Love Me Right

This song started the whole joyous music jam session. It is too good of a song. Someone needs to tell EXO they’re sitting on a gold mine! If they bust out more music like this I’ll be a fan for life!

I don’t know how to describe it, it’s just happy and joyful. It never fails to get me dancing or to brighten up a bad day.

There’s something about their voices, they harmonise well. When it’s a happy song it lifts you up and when it’s a sad song it touches you.

So yeah, I recommend Love Me Right, and I dare you not to dance in public.

Kurt Carr – In the Sanctuary (Yes!)

For the gospel fans out there, heeeey!

This is great praise song. Watch the YouTube video and you will see the joy and the love of praising God that they have singing this song. You can’t sing this song sadly or sluggishly, it won’t work. When praising God, you just have to sing and sing happily. It feels good too.

Even if you’re not singing it feels good to watch them and listen to them and to take part in their joy.

Best gospel jam I’ve seen so far.

Song Ji-eun – 예쁜 나이 25살

I love this song. She’s talking about finally reaching 25 and being happy in her skin. Translated the song is: the pretty age of 25.

I like this song as it’s a feel good song and she brings you into her joy. She’s confident, happy and rejoicing. If you’re in your mid twenties this is a good song to bust out and jam to.

If you’re not it’s a good song to give you something to look forward to. Or if you’re older, to look back on happily (I hope).

B.A.P. – Feel So Good

This song is very 90’s, well not very but it certainly does have that feel.

I find myself doing the Bart Simpson to the song … barely stopping myself dancing in public… yep, a definite goldie! B.A.P. has a lot of joyful songs, I like their versatility and this is one of my favourite songs from them.

I am certain this will lift you up on a cloudy day.

Vixx – Dynamite

This one has me wishing I could dance house. You know that dance style called house? It’s perfect for this song.

Vixx has a lot of joyful songs. B.O.D.Y., Starlight and Rock Your Body for example. They know how to party and how to bring the jams to us.

Dynamite is perfect for a cold day and when you need to dance it out! They’re also a group who blends well together. Their harmony … their voices! Whew, pure gold!


That’s all that I have for now, I’ll be back with more soon.

What are your favourite joyful songs?

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