My Top 5 Favourite X Men – Female Edition

Hello and welcome back to another cartoon post! Actually, I don’t think I’ve done many cartoon posts. I’ve done a ton of anime posts though.

So I did watch the cartoons more when I was a kid than read the comics. I then got into the comics and learned more about the characters although I still have so much to read! But I have this thing about reading an arc in chronological order so it’s making it difficult as I try to find the next comic book in the arc. I also watched the first three movies. I liked them (except the third one was meh) and then they came out with First Class and I was happy again but then they ruined it again *rolls eyes*. Thank goodness for Deadpool otherwise I’d have no big screen X Men fix.

So without further ado I present my favourite ladies!


I know, she’s an anti-hero. She has her good moments and then she has her bad moments. I see her as a woman who has lived a hard life and a long life, don’t forget she’s older than most of them, and she’s learnt to look after herself and to not trust anyone. Can you blame her?

Whilst I know I shouldn’t like her I end up liking her. I blame the first two X Men movies, she is such a badass! When I was a little girl watching that all I thought was, “Wow, she’s so cool!” I wanted to be Mystique just for her strength and skill.

Getting to know her in the comics made me like her more. She’s a rich character. She is a mother to not just Nightcrawler but to Rogue too. Although with Rogue she’s a foster mother.

She’s does a lot of questionable things but ultimately she grows and learns. In a dog eat dog world where mutants fight and the normal human race can’t stand you, she survives. And when you think about it her powers could suck. They’re not an active power. I mean she can turn into someone else but she also has to be skilled enough to fool others that she is that person. So much skill goes into her power and to add on to it she can fight.

What a resourceful woman.

I wish they’d portrayed Mystique properly. Not just as Erik’s henchwoman or Xavier’s friend but as her own woman. There’s more to her outside of Erik and Xavier. She had a life before she met them. It’s a shame that that’s never shown on screen. It’s shown in the cartoons though, yay!


I didn’t like Storm at first. It annoyed me that because she was the only black female character everyone always assumed I’d be Storm. I used to think, “Why is there only one option?” It just didn’t seem fair and I took it out on Storm. Plus movie Storm never got to truly shine.

In the cartoons and comics though Storm is a hoot and it’s here that I started to fall in love with her. She’s powerful, confident, uninhibited, strong, honest and forthright. She’s such a character and so unique. She doesn’t care about how different she is she just lives her life.

Plus in the comics and cartoons she gets her own storylines and you get to know her back story.

Plus (again lol) did you know that her powers are alpha level? Her potential is uncapped. She has unlimited room to grow! Why don’t we explore that instead of exploring Jean’s Phoenix saga for the hundredth time?

So now I love Storm. I just think they did her dirty in the films. Yes she’s still powerful and Hallie Berry is cool but when you see her in the comics/cartoons you see how much you’re missing out on. Plus even Hallie Berry commented on the lack of love interests for Storm in the movies (apart from that one time Nightcrawler flirted with her *shudder*) but in the comics she goes out with Forge and Black Panther. In fact she marries and divorces Black Panther. But Forge is my favourite for Storm. (I like Black Panther with somebody else).


Imma just put it out there, I don’t like movie Rogue. It’s nothing against the actress but urgh, nope!

So I like her in the comics and in the cartoons. Her powers harm her more than others in the sense that she can’t touch anyone. Imagine going through life not being able to touch anyone skin to skin. However she gives the best threats. (Also years later she finally learns to control it. Oh yeah! She’s a badass! Seriously who would fight her?)

She’s a southern belle who’s strong willed and not afraid to tell you what she thinks. She can fly and is super strong in the comics/ 90’s cartoon too as she absorbed Carol Denver’s powers when she was young, a villain and inexperienced.

Rogue goes on a journey and really it’s interesting to watch/read.

She also has the best romance, her and Remy LeBeau! Who wouldn’t love them? She learns to open her heart and to let someone in. She’s so scared of hurting others and she didn’t really trust the flirt Remy but out of all the characters they have the most long lasting relationship. That’s saying something.


I know there are going to be people who disagree with me on this one but I don’t care. I love Jubilee! And I will say this until she gets a speaking role in a movie.

I mean at first she’s homeless and then the X Men find her and she builds a relationship with Logan. Yeah that Rogue/Logan relationship you saw in X Men 1, that was Jubilee’s storyline!

She’s a troubled teenager who can be a bit annoying but she grows to be an integral part of the team.

And if one more person says, “But her powers are just fireworks” we will fight. Just fireworks? Why don’t you try having a firework blown in your face? Oh yeah that’s right fireworks are dangerous (pretty) explosions! Really you should thank her for making her explosions pretty. Did you know she once brought down a house? Did you know she has the untapped potential to detonate matter at a subatomic level? Did you know she can control her blasts completely, control the power and where they go? Did you know she’s skilled in hand to hand combat because Wolverine trained her? Yeah, didn’t think so. (If you did yay!)

Anyway I partly blame the 90’s cartoon for her bad rep. They did her dirty and they didn’t show off her powers to their full potential. I’m sorry Jubilee, one day you shall shine!

Negasonic Teenage Warhead

I only know her from the movies but she’s fun. An annoying, sullen teenager but still fun.

I think I like that she’s small but packs such a powerful punch. I wonder what else she can do with her powers. Can she only charge? I’m going to have to do more research on her but even with all that I know from Deadpool, she’s on the list.

That’s it; this was a long post (oops).

Who is your favourite female X Men?

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