My Top Five Favourite X Men – Male Edition

Since I did a female edition it’s only right that I do a male edition too. X Men is my favourite super hero team. It does annoy me that they never find peace but if there was peace there would be no need for heroes, so it’s like we’re stuck in the chaos.

Anyway let’s get on with it. I present my favourite male X Men characters *jazz hands*!


He has the best power, at least in my opinion. Teleportation, isn’t it cool! I mean it sucks he can only go places he’s seen with his own eyes but still it’s too cool! It is also very useful. I mean think of all the things he doesn’t have to deal with.

Kurt is also just a nice guy. Highly religious and yet persecuted because of the way he looked. They thought he was a demon but he never hated them for it. That always made me so sad. I’m glad that he at least had nice foster parents.

When he joins the X Men he brings that kindness with him and honestly for me I don’t care what the storyline is as long as Kurt ends up okay. He may go on a journey, sure, but don’t you screw him over.

He’s such a blessing.

Look at me, speaking about him as if he were real lol.

But seriously he’s great. Also he’s a badass! A bad-freaking-ass! Have you seen him fight? I swear you could send him in and he’d get the job done. But he’s such a nice person he doesn’t resort to violence quickly. This is even better when you think about it. He’s responsible with his power.


Gambit, Remy LeBeau, is underrated in my eyes. Or maybe I just haven’t met other Gambit fans. Gambit fans say hi! *listens*

I like his powers too. He always uses cards but in theory he can charge anything right? He’s quite powerful and yet I feel we don’t fully explore that. In some fanfiction his abilities make him immune to Rogue’s powers. That would have been nice in canon but I guess it would have also been too easy.

He also looks cool. I wonder what it would have been like for him growing up. If anyone knows the comic book number where we explore that comment below, I’d like to find it and read it. But anyway I was talking about his eyes. Kids can be cruel, did he ever get bullied? And he charges things with kinetic energy right? (correct me if I’m wrong) So how did he learn to control his powers? Did he ever have accidents? I don’t know stories like that I’m interested in.

I also liked how athletic he was when fighting. I thought it looked cool, especially in the 90’s cartoon. I also liked how he used his bo staff and his cards.

He was a bit of an anti-hero too. A guy trying to do right in the world but having come from a bad background it was harder for him. It’s hard to shake people’s preconceived notions of you. I thought that was interesting when exploring his character. Gambit had many layers.

He also had a lot of love. Hey, I couldn’t leave without mentioning Rogue. Their love story is my favourite in comic book history, yeah I said it! She taught him how to be patient, to love on a deeper level and to be vulnerable. They are very up and down but to me they’re together forever.


Ah Roberto, he may be a bit of an unknown character. I don’t know but I liked him from the cartoon series, X Men Evolution. I thought he was a cool character and very well drawn *wiggles eyebrows*. Plus his powers were cool. He was like a powerful walking sun (because of the blasts) and flower (because of the absorption), think of the possibilities! He’s multi-talented in many areas. They should use him more.

I was excited when I saw that he was going to be in X Men Days of Future Past but then I was quickly disappointed. He got no lines and was just there to die over and over, it was so annoying. Finally he had his big shot but like Jubilee they screwed him over. Boo!

He’s a great character I recommend you read the comics and watch the series to find out more about him. Him and Forge.

Side bar: How have they never used Forge in X Men movies? He’s so useful! But that might just be my bias speaking… moving on!


Again y’all might not agree with me but I like him. He is an OG. He’s been there from Xavier’s time and Moira’s time but he doesn’t get much screen time. Although they do use him quite well in the 90’s cartoon series.

I was excited when I saw him in First Class, he was a true first class mutant (Havoc not so much like come on and how did Darwin die so easily like come on! And how was Azazel a mutant and taking orders … I’d better stop before I start ranting, back to the original point) it made sense he was in the movie. I wish they’d used other true first class mutants.

I do have to say though they captured him well, they made him cool. Until they killed him in Days of Future Past but we shan’t speak of that movie.

Basically I like him for no reason. I don’t know why. I just find his powers fascinating and he’s always there for them. He’s a loyal friend and I value that.


I love Colossus! The gentle giant! He’s so sweet and caring and a humble Russian man. I’m pretty sure Xavier found him working on a farm (from an old X Men comic I read).

He’s a pure character and pretty diligent. I kind of wish there had been more scenes with him in, in the movies. He’s played by Daniel Cudmore in most of them and honestly he will always be Colossus to me. I don’t know if it’s because he just stayed in my mind since X2 but Cudmore is Colossus.

However in Deadpool, Colossus didn’t look like Colossus (no Cudmore) but he was truer to the comics. He had the accent and he was comic book Colossus in character and personality (granted that’s not Cudmore’s fault they didn’t give him many speaking lines so we never got to see Colossus’ personality in those films). I did like that. I never thought I’d see comic book Colossus but I did! I just wish they had a physical actor for him but oh well.

He’s peaceful like Beast and Nightcrawler but he could tear it up (as long as Magneto was far away) if he wanted to. How is it that the calmest and kindest X Men are the most powerful?


That is all! My list of favs!

What are yours? Do you agree or disagree?

Comment below!

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