Infatuation: Is it romantic?

This is another x-men inspired post. So Jean Grey and Logan a.k.a. the Wolverine, they have this thing going on in the franchise and I want to talk about it. As I said last week I recently re watched the first X-Men movie and it got me thinking about a lot of things. Their beginning …

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Let’s Talk about Erik Lehnsherr

Now as you know he’s mostly the antagonist of the x-men led by Professor Charles Xavier. He’s a holocaust survivor and he believes that mankind is inferior. He believes that they will never accept mutants and I feel he fears that they’ll do the same to mutants as what the Germans did to the Jewish …

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My Top 5 Favourite X Men – Female Edition

Hello and welcome back to another cartoon post! Actually, I don’t think I’ve done many cartoon posts. I’ve done a ton of anime posts though. So I did watch the cartoons more when I was a kid than read the comics. I then got into the comics and learned more about the characters although I …

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