Black Panther – Review

I finally saw it! Black Panther. I went with a friend and it was fun.

The plot was well written. I felt that it flowed quite well and that I was able to connect with each and every character. That can be hard to do, especially when you’re connecting with a new world.

The music was dope. The car chase scene though! That was fun, especially when he’s like, “Play some music this isn’t a funeral”. The only time that character and I connected. Kendrick Lamar did a good job curating the songs and Ludwig Goransson did a good job with the original score. You know I love a good movie soundtrack and Black Panther did not disappoint. They had something unique, music from America and music with African flavour. The blend worked well and really helped build the world.

The costumes were great. She, Ruth E. Carter, incorporated as many tribes as possible. I saw a little bit of the East, a little of the West and a little from the South (of Africa I mean). She also added a modern twist, an edgy fashion, something unique to Wakanda.

Honestly the film was rich with culture. I’ve watched interviews where Lupita Nyong’o talks about how they were influenced by all of Africa and when I watched the movie I could see that. I could feel it as well. In some ways it felt very homely.

I liked the movie. I’m glad they didn’t give anything away in the trailers or in their interviews because it honestly made the movie ten times better. There were so many twists and turns I was not expecting! So if you haven’t watched it go and watch it now!

I give it a five out of five. I hope this movie really does open the door for more representation, not just for black people but for other people of colour too.

Spoilers Ahead of this Point


I just wanted to talk about Killmonger and the moments that surprised me.

So first to the moments.

When I saw the trailers I thought M’Baku was going to be a foe and that W’Kabi would be an ally. I thought that even more after the beginning sequence when I saw that the Jabari had isolated themselves in the mountain. But dang they came through and were the most level headed. They helped T’Challa and his family and in the end they helped Wakanda. You see it goes to show that when you are kind good things come to you. T’Challa showed M’Baku a kindness by not killing him and also by not dishonouring him and that kindness came back and blessed him.

But W’Kabi, I was so disappointed in him. I understood why he was mad at T’Challa and that he was fed up of being stagnant but did he really not see how cray Killmonger got? No? Just me? Okay. It was sweet that Okoye stopped him. I was glad he did not die but I am curious about his life after this. Like what will it be like for the border tribe? I guess they just moved on and forgave them. But yeah I was shocked, out of all the tribes the border tribe was the one to turn against T’Challa.

One thing though how did he tame the rhinos? I don’t know about you but rhinos are difficult to work with let alone ride! Eh movie magic.

The Dora Milaje were also cool. I loved that they used spears. Okoye was so formidable and just wow, so cool. I kind of wanted to be one of them but then I realised I’d have to shave my head and … no thanks. I’ll be a Nakia. Speaking of which, girl! This was my first time seeing Lupita act as a human. I haven’t seen 12 Years a Slave because I cannot stand slave films. I’ve watched Star Wars: The Force Awakens though. I mostly know her as Lupita to be honest because she’s interesting and I follow her on socials. But this was my first time seeing Lupita acting as a human in a film (same for Andy Serkis) and I loved it. She was strong willed and really she saved them when things got tough.

I was surprised that she actually accepted T’Challa. The way they talked in interviews I thought it’d never happen so when I watched the movie I was like, “Gasp! They tricked me!” lol. I’m glad though it made the experience better. (Yay for the #blacklove shown in the movie).

Now to Killmonger. I understand him as a villain. They should not have left him behind and honestly I don’t understand why they did. Yes T’Chaka killed his father, N’Jobu, but he did so in the act of saving Zuri. No one told N’Jobu to pull his gun out, no one! He could have just gotten on the plane. So to me it was an act of defence, justified defence. So why hid it? Why leave the child behind? Worst of all why leave the body for the child to find?

Really it’s understandable that he became a villain. It takes strength and the love of God to come out of such a situation not twisted.

I also understood his need to help others with Wakandan resources and I understood why T’Chaka and T’Challa were reluctant. I mean the world is twisted and when letting the outside world in you have to be ready for a whole load of crap. But as Nakia said, Wakanda is strong enough to handle that.

My beef is with N’Jadaka’s methods. I feel that is what made him a villain. He had the right idea but I feel somewhere along the way he lost his way. He was filled with anger and a thirst for vengeance. There is no point to revenge. I just don’t believe any good comes out of it. So you got revenge, now what? Did it bring your father back? Do you think your father would have been pleased? It was annoying. And how is weaponising the world a good idea?

So yes, he went the wrong way. His methods were flawed and somewhere he stopped caring about helping people and starting caring about power and revenge, I feel that’s when he became a true villain.

This movie is different from the other Marvel movies as there are consequences to actions. People died, Zuri (why is it Forest Whitaker keeps dying in movies I watch with him in?), Klaue and Killmonger. Actions had consequences and whilst it was sad, it was realistic.

Ryan Coogler did a good job.

That is my review done. What did you think?

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