My Favourite Cartoon Theme Songs

I was a little blue the other day so I decided to listen to a cartoon theme song that I love to lift up my mood. Then I thought, hmm that would make a good blog.

I watched a lot of cartoons when I was a kid and so I have a lot to draw from. Even though I have a longer list than usual I still feel like I’ve missed some. In fact I have missed some so maybe I’ll do a part two.

I’ve left out the ones that don’t have songs but are just talking, like Hey! Arnold.

Without further ado let us begin.


This was the cartoon theme I listened to on my blue day. I love this show and I love the themes. Yes themes, there’s one for season one and another for season two. Both are banging and I don’t know how they did it. Every time I look it up to listen to it I think, “Maybe I’m not into it anymore” but then the songs start and I’m like, “Nope!” and start dancing.

The first one feels more sentimental. It fits with the mood of the first season. The world Candracar was in turmoil and they were still inexperienced even as immense danger was zeroing in on them. So it feels sentimental and historical, as the world was established that season with that song.

The second one feels fun. They are used to their powers now and it’s a part of their lives. Their world is expanding, they’re better friends and their duties are a little easier to do now that they know what to do. I mean there are still obstacles but this season felt more light-hearted. It’s a shame there wasn’t a season three.

If you ask me to choose which one I like better … I can’t, so don’t ask!

Kim Possible

I don’t know anyone who dislikes Kim Possible. An agent, acrobatic and kind. She’s so cool and I liked that she was a strong female portrayed on a mainstream channel.

The theme song is one of my favourites. It’s the type that you will find me randomly singing around my house, especially when the nostalgia hits.

It’s really fun to sing, maybe that’s why I like it so much. From the “Oh yeeeah yeah!” It has me.

Proud Family

This was sung by Destiny’s Child and Solange. I did not know this at the time but when I found out it made me like the song more.

I just like it musically. It’s a good song and it fits with the theme of the show: family. The joys and troubles that come with family. I also liked that it had an R n B flavour.

What’s New Scooby Doo?

This song is the best Scooby Doo theme ever! Even better than the original, yes.

It’s fun, it’s rock and it gets me dancing. On its own it’s a good song. Honestly whoever made it, thank you, I love it!

This is also my favourite Scooby Doo series. I feel like it stayed true to the original but managed to make it modern. The new ones these days, that I’ve seen, I don’t like as much. So to me, this is the best version.

Mona The Vampire

I don’t know if this series was popular or not. People talk about Arthur but they don’t talk about Mona. I loved Mona, a show about imagination and fighting monsters. Mona was so feisty as well, I loved it. She wasn’t afraid to stand up for herself and others.

I really liked the theme too. It was also fun to sing and to listen to. Like really what a good song!


I loved Arthur! Along with Mona I used to watch Arthur on CBBC.

I like the reggae vibe to the theme tune. It flows well and is easy going. It also sends a good message.

Do you know all the words to the song? I do. It got stuck in my mind and the graphics were cool.


This was my childhood. I loved this show. I was convinced for a while (and still kind of am) that babies could communicate with each other in a language grownups could not understand.

It’s such a simple tune but as soon as it plays the nostalgia hits and I start moving.

This one goes to show that sometimes simple is best.

Ps: did anyone else watch and like All Grown up with You? I did (that might not be the actual title… I forgot it). It was nice to see what they were like when older.

Bonus: The Bear and the Big Blue House

I don’t remember the beginning theme but the goodnight song is the best song. It’s sung so sweetly and the harmony is gorgeous! That song has stuck with me to adulthood. There was no way I couldn’t mention it.

Those are my favourites, what are yours?

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