Normalising Periods

So I was reading a blog post by Call Me Ash and she talked about period poverty and how there are people, girls, who have to miss school because they don’t have the right sanitary products. They don’t have it because they can’t afford it. However it’s something we don’t talk about because it’s a taboo subject. But why is that?

So in an effort to make the subject less taboo I thought I’d have a story time.

So my first period.

I had my first period when I was ten. I had it during Primary School and it was so awkward. I didn’t know what was happening and why I was feeling weird but then I went to the bathroom and discovered the blood and I was like, “Ah”.

I wasn’t freaked out or anything like, “OMD I’m bleeding!” because the week before my mom had explained to me what a period was and how it worked and how long it lasted. I was ready if it should come. Whenever I look back I think, “I’m glad she talked to me about it but it’s also a weird coincidence”. It’s like we were psychic. I was curious and then she told and then I had it. God was looking out for us.

Buuut I didn’t have a pad with me. And I knew that that was what I needed. So I told my best friend in Assembly and she looked at me blank faced, because we had never dealt with such a situation before.

Then I told my head teacher, as she was a woman and very nice. Mrs W knew exactly what to do. She got me a pad and I can’t remember if she explained to me the correct way to put it on. Either way the problem was sorted efficiently.

I remember being embarrassed but the adults were so casual and blase about it and I was like, “Don’t you realise what a big moment this is?” My mom however did realise and had the appropriate reaction I was looking for.

And that’s it. My Secondary School was a girl’s school so we were pretty open about everything. So for me, sometimes it’s weird that the subject is taboo. But writing this post I’m starting to understand why. It’s easy to talk to other women about it but when talking to whoever, men or just strangers, it feels a bit awkward.

Anyhow, if you’d like to help young ones in education who can’t afford to buy pads or tampons (or other sanitary products) by signing this petition here: The petition is to ask the government to provide free sanitary products for those who can’t afford it. Or check out Call Me Ash. She started a hashtag titled #periodparty so you may be able to find more there.

That is all,

tah tah!

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