Let’s Talk About CTAOP

CTAOP is Charlize Theron’s African Outreach Project. It’s a project that helps African Youth keep themselves safe from HIV/AIDS, particularly in South Africa where Charlize is from.

I stumbled upon it a while back. Charlize was one of Superwoman’s collabs during the Christmas countdown and it was really funny and I was amazed that she got Charlize to be one of her collabs. But then again Lilly is doing really well now and her hard work has been paying off.

At the end of the collab Charlize had time to talk about her project and I was like, “Oh I had no idea.”

The project has a website  where you can donate and find out more about what they do. They also have an Instagram where they take you along with them as they work. It was started in 2007 and they’ve been working since then.

I don’t have much more to say, I just wanted to highlight a charity and to share something good that someone is doing in the world. If you’re interested follow the link and support if you can.

That is all,


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