I’m Every Woman


It’s that day again, International Women’s Day!!

A day to celebrate women, the past, the present and the future. To highlight our achievements and the journey we’re still on.

I’m happy to be a woman. We’re created strong, caring and intelligent.

My favourite song for this day that honestly makes me want to strut my stuff is Whitney Houston’s I’m Every Woman! It’s such a good and uplifting song. It celebrates womanhood and takes joy in it. There are struggles that we go through but this song reminds me of the joy of being a woman and how we have got it.

I also love how she celebrates every kind of woman. We’re not all the same. There are many different kinds of women, there are women who have different goals and dreams and different personalities. All types of women are important and this song is the kind that unites us together and shares the joy of being a woman.

I shall end with my favourite part of the song, the bridge!

I hope you had a great day!

I ain’t bragging
Because I’m the one
Just ask me
Oh, it shall be done
And don’t bother
To compare
I’ve got it!!!

(Be honest did you sing that?)

Ps: I know Whitney’s is a remake of Chaka Khan’s. But I talk about Whitney because that’s the version I know best.

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