Let’s Talk About: The Notebook

The romantic movie most people love. It’s so good. I mean I did use to wish for a romance like Noah and Allie’s but re watching it I think nah!

She hit him a lot and he could be annoying. They’re a product of another time in many ways. I mean there are still things I can relate to but at the end of the day I don’t want what they have, I want my own thing.

The movie is also highly romantic. Normally I can’t stand it when movies are too romantic but I like this one because it shows the ugly side too. It shows the arguments, them fighting and making mistakes. It shows life and how they overcame their obstacles and got together. It also shows what happens next, old age and how love survives.

It’s an interesting movie and not everyone likes it but I think everyone can learn something from any of the moments in the movie. Even if it’s just standing up for yourself and what you want to do like how Allie does.

What I find interesting is that they actually willed themselves to die together… how did I never clock that the first time I watched the movie? Their love was that strong?

I don’t find the movie sad. I’m glad they got to die together when Allie remembered him. They lived a good life and had had kids and grandkids. It’s not sad, it’s a life well lived. Out of all the scenarios that could have happened, the one that did was the best.

What do you take away from The Notebook?

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