Favourite Justice League Unlimited Members – female edition

I did X Men and now I’m doing Justice League Unlimited! It’s my favourite Justice League cartoon series. I watched it as a kid/teenager and it was just too good. The theme song, the characters and the plot … so good! The characters were well rounded, not just super heroes you got to see their personalities and a bit of their daily lives. I liked that. I also liked how serious the story lines could get but how they managed to keep the humour (something the live action movies haven’t managed yet .. except the WW movie). Ooh and who could forget that the show had the best romantic ships!!

Anyway in this post I shall be gushing about my favourite female members.

Wonder Woman

First up is Wonder Woman (WW).

I don’t even know why I liked her. I just remember sitting there like, “This chick is cool!” And the more I thought that the more I found myself seeking her out. Before I knew it I was gravitating towards all her merch at comic cons. I have a WW apron, key ring and a purse … and more.

And then they talked about making a movie and I was beyond excited (I mean the first time they talked about it). That’s when I started to think about why I liked her. When I thought about why I came back to this series. I watched it again and I realised I loved how strong she was. She was an Amazon, she was strong and independent. She believed in justice. She would mess you up but she was also merciful. She was a good friend and she fought for others. Did I mention she was strong. She also had strong self esteem. All those characteristics I admired then and I admire now.

She’s not just my favourite DC JLA characters but she’s one of my favourites overall. And with the movie and seeing other people’s reactions it is clear I’m not the only fan.

Black Canary 

I like her in this series. She’s small and petite. When you first meet her she uses her looks to deceive Green Arrow. I thought that was smart and cute. You see people always underestimate the little ones but she proved that she can pack a punch of a big man.

She’s spunky, caring and determined. She goes all out to save her friend and mentor. She doesn’t rely on her powers solely. She can fight hand to hand, a boxer, and is pretty durable. All the while she maintains her femininity.

I think there’s something beautiful to be found in feminine strength. A character like Black Canary definitely shows that.


I didn’t like her personality much. There are different versions of this character. In Smallville it was a different one and in JLU it’s a different one. I was confused at first but then I got over it.

But yeah, she was surly. It’s understandable when you find out why. Even though it was annoying at first it turned into her best trait. It’s nice having different kinds of women on a show, with different personalities. Hawkgirl was real, gritty and strong. She wielded her weapon with power!

She learnt to soften up and I enjoyed that. Her character went through the most growth and that was a pleasure to watch. It’s no fun when a character remains stagnant.


I love documentaries. I have talked about that on here. Vixen is cool to me because she wields the power of animals! How useful is that? Some animals, if they were human sized, would be unstoppable! Like, for example, an ant or a dung beetle. I wish they’d gotten more creative with the creatures she took on.

You don’t get to know much about her in the series but she peeked my interest. I feel like she’s a cool character. I haven’t watched her individual series yet but I shall check it out when I can. Is it still running?


A woman with a troubled past. A woman who doesn’t care about being nice. If they want to do a dark DC movie, as they seem to want to do, they should do Huntress. There is plenty of material there.

She was a rich character who was tough because of her circumstances. She was ruthless, she killed and she was single mindedly focused on revenge. And yet in the series even she changed as time went by. You got to see her learn and grow. She was such an interesting character.

She had no powers and that made it more fun. She was a skilled fighter and tenacious.

They should really make a Huntress movie *wistful sigh*.

So those are my favourite JL and JLU female characters, which are your favourites?


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