Favourite Justice League Members – male edition

Hello and welcome to part two! I have talked about the females and now I shall talk about the males.

Let’s dive right in!

Green Arrow

He’s the one who grounds the team. He has no super powers. He lives a “normal” life (quotations because man is rich). He understands humans better than most of the super powered cast.

I like that they have him call them out and give them a reality check.

As for his skills, he’s smart, business minded, logical and helpful. He’s also a real man. He looks strong and burly. I think I prefer the cartoon version of him with the Smallville version coming in a close second.

The Question

A detective with no face, he’s so much fun! I love his deadpan humour and how he’s simply a detective. But the simple characters are the best. He’s the one who figures out the mysteries that the other more high profile characters can’t figure out. He helps them out a lot, which is why he’s on the team.

I like how he helps Huntress. He’s able to ground her in ways others weren’t. He understands human character and I think that’s why he’s so successful. He’s a fun character and is interesting. I like the mystery of you don’t really know who he is or rather you don’t get to see his face. I found myself looking up comics just to see his face.

If they make a Huntress movie (see my other post) they definitely have to include him in it.

J’onn J’onnz Martian Manhunter

I love J’onn! There’s something so cute about him. I like that he’s green! And that he’s from Mars. I like how they answer questions we actually have about Mars. Like is there life on that planet, would the aliens be green?

I like that they give him his own character and he isn’t an alien stereotype. He’s smart and a good leader. I also like the blend of his powers. He can connect to minds and I find that interesting. He’s like a walking, green Xavier.

He’s definitely one of my favourites. I also like the relationship he has with Superman and how he goes to the Kent farm for Christmas.

The Flash

It’s not Barry but Wally West! Wally is so cute, optimistic and a hoot. He’s smart, gets the job done and is the glue that holds the team together.

I mean remember the arc where they fall apart because of him? That was an eye opener. They also showed the true power of the Flash in that arc. It was so cool. I quite like the TV show but my love for the Flash started with JLU.

I wonder if they’ll show the extent of his power on the other platforms that they have, like film and television. It really was the best arc when it centred on him and the speed force.

He’s just so lovable!


Booster Gold

Yes he’s a minor character but I enjoyed his episode. He’s seeks glory without really having the skill to back it up and he pays the price for it but he learns from his mistakes and actually pulls through, helps the team and becomes a hero.

I liked seeing the story from his perspective, it showed the more human side of the Justice League. It showed real weaknesses people can have and how to overcome them. It’s scary fighting villains and it is very easy to boast.

Booster Gold is flawed but he overcomes that, that’s what makes him so interesting to me. I liked Skeets too and the relationship they had. It was a little like Flubber but for Superheroes.

Green Lantern – John Stewart

The best Green Lantern! Yeah I said it!

I love John. He’s grounded, creative and just the best. He fits into the team and I liked the story lines they created for him. He is the only Green Lantern that I knew and then I found out about Hal Jordan. I still like John the best, and no it’s not just because he’s black and I’m black.

The Lantern story lines are the most interesting in most respects as they take us into outer space! We get to see what’s going on out there and that’s a trip. I also like the friendships he builds and how he’s a team player. I’d like to know more about him, dare I say it a Green Lantern John movie?!

Alright, that’s my male list! Who are your favourites and why? Comment below.


Ps: I left out Superman and Batman because I talk about them too much. I also left out Aquaman cause they did him dirty.

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