Joyful Songs Part Two – Kpop Edition

I’m back with joyful songs that make me want to dance. Today all the songs are from kpop so naturally it’s the kpop edition. I hope you like my list and add them to your own joyful playlist so that they lift you up when you’re down and make you move when you’re cold.

SHINee – Why So Serious?

This song is like a roller coaster ride. It takes you here, it takes you there, it takes you everywhere! It’s fun and crazy, the two thing I like.

It definitely gets me dancing and the music video is just as quirky as the song.

It’s one of those songs that’s already hype but then it takes you another level and you’re like “Whoa! What is happening!”

Red Velvet – Happiness

I don’t care what you think about Red Velvet there’s no way you can listen to this song and not dance. It’s a song that lives up to its name. It’s happy. It makes you want to dance and it lifts you even higher.

Beware listening to this in public, you may not resist the urge to dance. Also those who enjoy afrobeats, this song is a good-un as it has a little African flavour in its beat.

BTS – 흥탄소년단

A song about how fun and beagle like they are. A truer song has never been written. I kid but really it does capture the soul of BTS well (thank you Suga).

As for me listening to it it gets me hyped! It lives up to its name and delivers the fun and liveliness. It’s a party song (to me) so naturally it will make you want to partaay!

Topp Dogg – Anniversary

For lovers of 90’s music, this song is for you. Shamelessly 90’s it’s a great track. It’s non stop and the beat is fire. The vocals really bring it to life and I almost started busting out 90’s dance moves.

Although I do have to say the outfits (in the music video) remind me of the 80’s more.

Super Junior – 미인아 and Mr Simple

Suju is known for their dance songs. The best in my opinion are 미인아 and Mr Simple. They’re fun with the little moments that they have, like the: “Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haaa!” bit and the dance breaks. They are also non stop, so get dancing, get that cardio workout from Suju!

I also like the vocals. I think a true strong singer can sing well in both ballads and in dance songs.

Eric Nam – Ooh ooh

Yes Eric! He a good reporter but don’t forget he’s a sweet singer. Hoya features in this track and it’s mint.

It’s a lighthearted love song that gets you dancing. Honestly people should confess their love in this fashion all the time. Forget about being serious and intense, nah! Give me a dance song any day!

I like how colourful it is, I can even feel the colours when just listening to it. I know that doesn’t make sense but I can.

Spica – Lonely

So this is a sad song, in terms of the lyrics but the track is so bumping. I know they want me to feel lonely and all those emotions but I just end up dancing and singing along.

*Gasp* Maybe that was deliberate. Maybe we should sing and dance our troubles away!

Well played Spica, well played.

Exo – Call Me Baby

I’ve already talked about Exo’s harmonies and I shall talk about them again! They kill it on this track. Their voices blend well together and it’s so beautiful! It’s not just the beat and the backing track that makes me joyful but their voices! Their voices! #slayed.

That is it for now, will there be a part three? We’ll see…

… ciao!

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