Jane the Virgin – I knew it!

I’ll be talking about the latest episode so SPOILER WARNING!!!!

I knew it, I totally knew it!

So they’ve been stressing over who was Petra’s black mailer and they were going through all these suspects. Then I thought to myself, “It would be someone who is close to Petra, someone who knows details about her life and wants to bring her down.”

And then I thought, “I bet it’s her assistant” and what do you know I was right! It was her assistant. Or at least I think it was.

It was so anti climatic. I mean I was expecting the reveal to be more sinister but no she just confesses and apologises and runs away? What kind of villain was she? I was so disappointed. I was hoping for a Bleach style plot twist.

In fact the reveal was so anti climatic it is suspicious. Do you think there’ll be more from her? Do you think there was another master mind in on the plot or was that really it?

We shall see. But I don’t think we’ll see for a while because of Xo’s new story line. It’s sad really. I’m hoping we don’t lose another one.

What did you think about the assistant reveal?

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