My Favourite Disbanded – Kpop

Since I have gotten into Kpop a lot of my favourite bands have disbanded. It’s sad when they disband. I mean I can understand why with some of them but with others I feel that they were underappreciated.

So I shall talk about those bands here.


This group of ladies had bomb voices! They could sing so good. If you’re into Mamamoo you’d definitely be into Spica.

Their harmonies were amazing and if you haven’t seen them do the cup song look them up now!

However with this group they didn’t have a good start and even after they gained momentum they didn’t have good marketing. It’s a hard world out there in the kpop industry, there are so many groups and to stand out and to be successful is a hard thing.

I wish they hadn’t disbanded as I feel they were finally getting recognised. I’ll forever love their songs.


YG did them dirty. They were a powerful female band that inspired others everywhere. They had GREAT stage presence and each was phenomenal in their fields. CL, Minzy, Bom and Sandara were all individuals but their individuality is what made the group shine.

It’s a shame they weren’t utilized the same way Big Bang is. It’s a hard world out there for female kpop groups. But 2ne1 was one of the most successful groups period. I’m surprised YG was so lazy with them, that’s just bad business.

I’m throwing shade but I am sad that they disbanded. I hope to see the solo projects of CL and Bom too one day. Their talents should not be wasted.


I understand why they broke up but that doesn’t mean I’m not sad.

They were so womanly! Who will bring in the summer now? Who will I learn sexy and sophisticated dances from now?

Their music was fun and beautiful. I enjoyed their albums and loved their music videos. Like I said they were a blend of sexy and sophisticated. I looked at them and saw different kinds of women. I saw strong, athletic, blunt, sexy, stylish, feminine and tom boyish women. They were good role models and they owned their femininity and sexuality.

When they sang they blended well together, it always sounded nice, high and sweet to me. Their dancing was also bomb. To this day I’m amazed at how well they danced in heels. My feet hurt looking at them.

You’ll be missed Sistar.


These guys were one of my favourite hip hop groups. I loved their songs and albums. They were honest, gritty, fully group men talking about grown stuff and they were fun. I liked their style.

It’s a shame they disbanded. I think they lost hope but like Spica I think they would have made it if they had persevered.

However they did have to overcome many obstacles especially when they were first going to debut, so it’s understandable. Check out their stuff if you’re into hip hop, it’s good.

Tiny G

I liked their singing voices, especially J. Min’s. I also liked Mint’s dance skills. They were tiny and fierce, hence their name, and I liked them.

They haven’t officially disbanded but at the same time they have. It’s a shame I did enjoy their music but alas it was not meant to be.


I was shocked by this one. They had just added a new member and then they disbanded. I was like, “Wait, what about Youngji? What was the point of adding her if y’all knew you were leaving?”

They left naturally because of contracts ending but yeah it was confusing to me.

I enjoyed their songs. They were girly, dance-y and also had a key change that took you higher. Their concepts were fun and they were one of my favourite groups. They had a good run really.


So those are some of my favourite groups who have now disbanded. Who are your favourites who have disbanded and why? Comment below πŸ™‚

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