Favourite Disney Theme Songs

In this post I shall only be talking about the live action shows and not the cartoons. So my favourite Disney Channel theme songs … I did like Disney Channel, they knew how to make a show, back in the day. I won’t say it’s crap now but it’s definitely not like how it used to be. But I guess that’s to be expected. Things do change with time.

That’s So Raven

Raven was so fun in this series. The slapstick comedy and the hint of the supernatural I loved. It was a fun series and the characters were the best. I want to watch the spin off/the reboot they’re doing now, I feel that it’s fun.

The theme song was as fun as the show. It’s one I sang along to without a doubt and it got me in the mood of the show. I especially liked the beginning and the rap at the end.

The Suite Life of Zack and Cody

I liked this show for the twins and the shenanigans they got up to in the hotel. This show also had strong side characters and I think that’s important.

The theme song was banging. I really like theme songs that are created specifically for the show and are not just some bands song. I mean I like the band songs but I like the original creations better.

It was such a good show *happy sigh*.

Hannah Montana

I was such a big Hannah Montana fan. Forget that I was such a big Miley fan! They were both great to me.

I liked the comedy of the show and the double life that Miley lived. I thought it was interesting, even if it was fictional it made me think about what it’s like to be a celebrity.

I love the theme song, it’s such a strong song it does well as a single. My uncle even got the Hannah Montana soundtrack for us. I like to annoy my friends who don’t like Disney by singing Hannah Montana (mwahahahaaha).

Lizzie McGuire

I didn’t watch this on Disney but it was a Disney Channel show so I’m going to include it.

I loved Lizzie McGuire! It was such a good show. It was down to earth and I felt like they actually understood what it was like to be a teenager. I was majorly invested in the characters lives and when Lizzie and Gordo got together! Aah! I saw stars and rainbows.

The theme song instantly gets me nostalgic. It’s amazing you’d think I’d forget it after all these years but nope. It’s still there in ma brain.

Phil of the Future

Who else didn’t want Phil to go back to the future? *raises own hand*

Another original song and I loved it! It was light and fun and got the message across. Who needs a recap, the song has got you covered!

I loved the series, it was well rounded and had a good ending although I feel like they could have gone for more.


I was also into the Jonas Brothers so when they got their own show I was like, “Yes!” It was good. I loved the first season. It was silly, self aware and it felt real. Joe and Stella actually kissed and not that weird Disney kiss that’s just an extremely kosher peck.

I loved the theme song because duh, it’s the Jonas Brothers. Jonas L.A. didn’t suck, it was more mature and muted and the music was still good. However it wasn’t as silly as the first season and I missed that.


That is my list! How about you? What would go on your list?

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