Favourite Theme Songs – Part 2

American Dragon

It explored Chinese mythology and other kinds of mythologies. It was fun and cute and his crush was his mortal enemy. All in all I liked the show. The theme song was cool too, it was really catchy! I still find myself singing it years later (good job Disney).

Fairly Odd Parents

This one will give you instant nostalgia. I know it’s still around (right?) but it’s not the same. I love the old Fairly Odd Parents and the theme song was one of the best parts. Again catchy and it explained the show well.

The Cramp Twins

I keep forgetting this show existed. But when I was looking up theme songs it popped up and I was like, “Oh yeah! I used to watch that show!”

It’s the kind of show that makes you rethink wanting to have twins. The theme is strictly instrumental but it still gets the nostalgia going.


Make way for Noddy, Noddy! I know this one is going waaay back but I couldn’t leave it out. This show was a part of my childhood and the theme song instantly takes me there.

Teen Titans

A banging tune if I ever heard one. It’s such a good theme song! It’s right up there for me along with the What’s New Scooby Doo theme song.

Fun fact: when the Japanese version of the theme song played the episode would not be serious. Beast Boy even sang it in Trouble in Tokyo.

Also check out the Japanese version’s lyrics. They’re interesting.

Rolie Polie Olie

This is such a fun and silly tune! Did anyone else watch this show? I feel like it was only me. A world of shapes and robots!

Phineas and Ferb

Of the newish generation this is my favourite theme. I liked that most of the episodes had their own original songs. They were really good. In my opinion anyway and the theme was good too.

Top Cat

I love old cartoons too and Top Cat is one of them. It was a good show. It was simple and it worked. The theme was classy too. Did anyone else watch this show?

X Men

I’m talking about the series from the 90’s. Listen to this theme song once and it will be in your head all day! It’s my favourite out of all the X Men theme tunes. It’s another instrumental, simple and effective.

TMNT (2003)

This is another banging theme song. I listened to this theme song recently and it got me dancing. I know there are others who think that the original theme song is the best but for me this is my favourite one.

So that’s it for part two, I don’t think there’ll be a part three so you can relax.

What are your favourite theme songs?

Until next time,


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