Friendship saving from darkness: Guy and Kakashi

Spoilers Within!

I’ve been watching Naruto of late, clips from Shippuden. It’s been a long time since I finished the manga and there were some things I’d forgotten. So watching the clips has been nice for me. It’s been nice to revisit that part of my childhood.

So I decided to do a couple of posts on Naruto as I never did in the past as I didn’t have a blog. I hope you enjoy this Naruto journey!

One of the biggest or rather just the biggest theme in Naruto is friendship. There’s the friendship between Sasuke and Naruto or how Naruto saves people by making them his friend, i.e.: Gaara. One of the friendships I noticed recently and didn’t pay attention to before is that of Might Guy and Kakashi.

Guy and Kakashi are very different personality wise. I’m not going to lie I didn’t really understand Guy when I was a kid. I didn’t dislike him or anything I just wasn’t on the same wave length as him. However as I’ve gotten older I understand him more and I feel like we’re almost on the same wavelength.

One of the things I’ve noticed about Guy is that he is such a good friend and that he really sticks his neck out for people.

After Obito died, Rin died and Minato died Kakashi was in a really dark place. Imagine you’ve lost everyone important to you. You’ve even lost your father before that. He joined the ANBU and was cold and merciless. But Guy was still always there, always looking out for Kakashi and his mental health.

He was even the one to suggest to the third Hokage Sarutobi that Kakashi should be taken out of the ANBU and given a unit to mentor and lead. I feel like that saved Kakashi.

Plus his constant challenges give Kakashi that social interaction he needs as no man is an island.

And Kakashi now considers Guy his closest friend. Even during the fourth shinobi war Guy and Kakashi were there next to each other fighting Obito and Madara. And in the epilogue of Naruto we saw Guy and Kakashi hanging out together.

I don’t know, I find their friendship beautiful. Guy was there for Kakashi during his darkest times. Guy is the exact kind of friend Kakashi needs as he’s so pure of heart and kind. To fight the darkness you need light and Guy is kind of a light existence. Honestly in real life people could benefit from a friend like Guy.

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