Music Corner: Hwasa – 덤덤해지네 (Be Calm)

This one is mellower than Wheein’s but in a different way from Solar. We heard a little bit of the song at the end of Starry Night and I just found out she released an mv to her solo song. I know I’m late but hey I finally listened to it. Tbh let’s always assume I’ll be late as without someone telling me I stumble upon these things.

Anyway, let’s dive in.


It’s a mellow song. It’s quite relaxing actually. The first time I listened to it I was laying down in bed being carried away by the music and before I knew it it was over. It soothed me and had me feeling healed. When music does that I consider it gold.

I like the simple beauty of the song, the guitar mixed with her vocals just works.

Music Video

The music video is simple and deliberately so. I heard that they didn’t spend much on it as it was meant to be casual and for the fans (correct me if I’m wrong). I like that concept. Beautiful cinematography is great but so is simple and intimate, there are values to both art forms.

I thought the music video also went along well with the lyrics of the song and the mood of the song. It’s sweet and soulful and if the video was doing too much I think that would have taken away from the song.

I like how the mv managed to be artsy even in its simplicity. I also enjoyed the bloopers at the end. It made the mv feel relatable, like she was letting us in to a part of her mind. It felt personal is what I’m trying to say.

The line at the end, ‘Sometimes even to live is an act of courage‘, was inspirational. This leads me on to my next section,


When I saw that last line in the music video I thought to myself, “I have to check out the lyrics because I’m sure they’re deep”. When I looked it up that’s when I found out the English translation of the title, Be Calm. It’s fitting really, the title says be calm and the song made me feel calm. I think that’s an accomplished mission, at least with me.

For me I feel this song is about letting go and learning how to live and take the day one step at a time. You may still feel like crap or things may not be okay but you’re living and tackling each day not giving up. As the line she added to the music video states sometimes that is the most courageous thing to do.

These are two sections that I especially liked:

Maybe spring noticed, it’s making the flowers bloom
At that place, I’m finding my way back to life again


Dad says if you laugh once, two of your worries will disappear
At that place, I’m finding my way back to life again

Check out the song it’s beautiful and hopefully it’ll sooth you too.

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