Accepting your feelings

I finally watched Grease tonight and it got me thinking. Kenickie, Danny and Rizzo all struggle accepting their feelings.

With Kenickie and Rizzo they’re used to sleeping around and it not meaning anything. They feel a mutual attraction to each other and they’re like, “Cool, let’s bang.” But then they discover that their feelings go deeper than that but they can’t face up to their feelings because of their street cred but also because it scares them, I think. It takes courage to claim someone, especially at the age they’re supposed to be.

But truthfully even adults struggle with this. Adults struggle accepting the feelings they have for someone because of many reasons. Maybe they’re not ready or they don’t know how to be vulnerable which I feel is Rizzo’s story. Kenickie however did open up first as he cared for her but he didn’t express it well.

Then there is Danny. With him it’s more about reputation and maintaining his cool guy image which is what he does when he first sees Sandy again. But then he realises that that’s wack and he’s miserable so he makes a fool out of himself to get on Sandy’s good books again. And then they try to find a compromise of their two worlds. They go through a lot of trouble and eventually they decide to accept each other and to change for each other. Danny decides to go jock and Sandy goes all bad girl on them.

Honestly watching Grease has taught me, accept your feelings! If you like someone, like them! Who cares what anyone else thinks. You’re the one who’s living with the feelings and as long as the person you like isn’t married or taken or something like that then just go for it! The alternative is that you’ll be miserable. If they don’t like you back then they missed out and you can move on to someone who will. If they do like you back then heeeeeeeeeey!

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