Christopher Robin: The Trailer

I did not know this was going to happen! I was just loading up YouTube getting ready to sign in and then I saw it, the thumbnail of a live action Pooh, and I was like, “That can’t be right, a Winnie the Pooh movie?” So I clicked on it to check and it was a Winnie the Pooh movie!

Well, actually, it’s not about Winnie, as the title suggests they’ll be focusing more on Christopher Robin and helping him with his adult life. Ah if only we all had a Winnie the Pooh, a Piglet, an Eeyore, a Tigger, a Roo, a Kanger, a Rabbit and an Owl in our lives to come and help us out. (You know I’ve only just, this second, realised that Kanger Roo put together spell Kangaroo… how have I never noticed?)

I forgot how much I used to love the show when I was kid. I really liked it. Some of the things I learnt stuck with me forever, like the thinking rock. And Eeyore, I loved him and how his name is an onomatopoeia.

The trailer looks cool too, the characters in the real urban world. Ewan McGregor is perfect as Christopher Robin, he just seems believable in the role and that’s all I ask really. Pooh’s voice, oh how it brings back memories! And Piglet!

I wonder what the plot will be. The trailer gave the bare bones of the plot but not much else, which is how a trailer is supposed to be. It shall be interesting to see which route they take. I thought he’d forget his old friends but he didn’t! So they’re bypassing that Hook route.

Also the new characters aren’t annoying, it seems. I’m intrigued!

It is safe to say that I am excited for August when this film will be released.

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