Music Corner: Nu’est W Dejavu

You may not know this but Nu’est is one of the very first bands I listened to when getting into Kpop. My friend introduced me to Kpop because she liked it but when she first introduced it to me I did not like it. Then one day I was in my room at uni I stumbled upon U Kiss’s Forbidden Love and I loved it! Then I went back and listened to the songs she had shown me.

At the moment they’re Nu’est W because they’re waiting for Minhyun who is in Wanna One.

It’s been a while since I’ve listened to their songs, the last comeback I was on point for was the Overcome one and can I say, I loved that song.


I like this song too, Dejavu (I’m writing it all as one as that’s how they spelled it). It’s a good song. I’m glad they’ve kept their style all these years and yet they still find new ways to spice it up. With Dejavu I like the suave feeling. It’s smooth and I like the smooth guitar playing. It makes me want to walk into a Western or something looking mad confident.

It also has a sad feeling too. It’s more subdued than say Overcome. It has a sweeter feeling to it that at times can be melancholy. Yes, I’m just throwing adjectives at you but that’s what I feel when listening to the song.


The dance reflects what I feel. There are no big movements but rather small detailed ones. Their moves are also fluid and artful. It feels like they’re taking their time to dance, there’s no need to rush is what I’m getting from them. I like that in the chorus part of the choreography there is artful walking. It’s hard to just slip in artful, confident walking in a choreography but they did it well.


Looking at the lyrics they are quite sad. It’s a break up sort of song only they don’t want to forget her and so they’re walking through the memories. They’re stuck in limbo. So by singing deja vu they want the time they had together to repeat, that’s clever. I’m liking this song more and more.

Additional comments

  • I like that Aron had a chance to shine in this song. His singing voice is smooth and strong and I enjoyed his extended singing time.
  • Baekho is looking more and more manly with each comeback. It’s like they gave him permission to be rugged, to release the sexiness! In the music video especially, he was killing it (killing me).
  • JR did not have as much rapping time which was a shame but I still enjoyed Aron’s extended time.

Have you have a chance to listen to the song and watch the performances? If not I highly recommend you do so.

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