Learning to Take Care of Yourself

It’s good to take care of others and to worry about others. It’s good to be selfless. However it is not good to neglect oneself.

Recently I’ve been learning this. In this world it’s expected for us to be doing something constantly. You’ve finished one stage in your life? Okay now what next? What next? What next?

We don’t have time to stop and recover. Adulting isn’t easy and yet this simple fact is not acknowledged. Even by people who have gone through hardships themselves they don’t acknowledge this. I find it fascinating.

Time is needed not just to heal from a broken heart but also to heal from the hardships of life. Whatever it is that you are going through it is okay to take the time to take care of yourself. Whoever says it is not okay is wrong.

If you don’t take the time something in life will make you stop. It eventually catches up to you and you have to stop. I speak from experience here and I want to tell you, don’t let it get to that point. It’s not healthy.

To be able to help others you need to be in a good place yourself. There’s parable in the bible about the blind leading the blind (Luke 6:39 and Matthew 15:14). There’s also the famous verse that states you have to love yourself before you can love others (Mark 12:31).

As I have grown and lived I have found both things to be true. So take the time to love yourself and take the time to look after yourself.


Anyway that is all,

I hope that was helpful.

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