I need comfort

This is a kpop related issue so don’t mind me.

Okay I can continue.

Soo you know I have a love for Exo right? Good. It’s a hard life though. I’ve been a fan since 2013 so a year after they debuted and also the year I got into kpop. I didn’t like them straight away but I was just lying to myself, I knew they were the shit.

Then Kris left, Luhan and my dear Tao.

When Kris left I was shocked, shook to my soul as I really did not see it coming. I sat there like, “I thought we were one Kris, I thought wE WeRE OnE!” When Luhan left I wasn’t shocked but I was sad as then I thought, “Is the whole China line going to leave?”

But Tao didn’t leave. He stayed and went to MAMA’s and released another album with Exo, Exodus. I mean Call Me Baby was lit! But then he didn’t promote and I was like, “Uh oh!” But it was because of his leg, so I waited patiently for his leg to heal so that he could come back. As you know now though SM fucked up (is that news?) and they didn’t treat him in time and it got worse, etc etc and he left. I was so sad!! You don’t even know. I mean ExoL’s will know but wow I was sad. No more AB style, Romantic, Kungfu Panda.

I was sad when Kris and Luhan left too but I think a part of me was angry when Kris left. The timing was off. There were many factors during that time and many things said so yeah I was more angry. I was sad for Luhan and then Tao was my Exo M bias (along with Chen) so I was super sad.

I’m just so disappointed in SM. Is it so hard to treat your artists right? You’d make more money if you did. I mean they’d be happy and guess what they’d never leave!

*calming breath*

It’s been a couple of years now though and I thought I’d be over it. After my hiatus from Exo I’m back and stronger than ever rocking to my fav tunes as my recent posts show (although tbh they never left my life, I would still watch the shows they’d show up in, not all but most) but I’m still sad Tao isn’t there. As he really was going to stay.

Then it got me thinking, how do Cassies handle this?! How?! How do you keep up the hope? Can we make a group for all Cassies and ExoL’s hurt by SM? I mean, I was so happy when Kyesang came back to g.o.d. and when Robin Williams came back to Take That (British band) even if it was only for a few songs. I was happy about the reunion of Sechkies and Jiyong. Are we going to have that one day?

I never understood the pain Cassiopeias (aka Cassies) feel until I went through it with Exo. I mean I am an ELF but I wasn’t there when Hangeng left and so I knew he was gone when I got into Suju and I knew not to get attached. Plus it helps that Suju is so honest and they still talk about Hangeng and they’ve met since the split. Apart from Lay Exo don’t talk about the past members *sheds a thug tear*. With DBSK I also knew they would split and so I tried not to get attached (I failed) and so now I only hope they’ll at least make up one day. But with Exo, when you’re there from the beginning and this happens… it’s hard. I kind of envy the fans that came late. They envy us early ones but I envy them, they’re used to the 9. Whereas when I see the 9 I think, “Hmm, it’s a bit empty”. Like OT12 fans say, 9 in my eyes but 12 in my heart.

I mean not only was a musical group split up into four but friendships man friendships! Also the most real ship ever to grace my life Taohun (shocked aren’t you? There aren’t many of us). Although I carry the hope they’re all in contact on the DL because if I was them that’s what I’d do. I’d tap into my ninja skills.

When I’m old and tired from living a badass life, my great grandkid will lean over my death bed and ask me, “What is it? Would you like something?” because she’d want to grant my last wish. Then I’d say, “I would like to know, did Exo reunite?”

Jk jk

I’m sure it’ll happen sooner than that.

Can any of you relate?

Oh yeah I started this post because I needed comfort. I also needed to vent to someone. It’s hard having no ExoL friends or just kpop friends in general. So I guess I wanted to talk to Cassies out there and ExoL’s out there to see if any of you shared my thoughts.

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