Got7 – Lullaby

They’re pulling out all the stops with this new comeback. They have the song in Spanish, Chinese, Korean and English, I mean…

I was so surprised when I saw Spanish amongst the listed versions; Spanish speaking fans must be living! I am living!

I also like how they did the promotions this time around with the solo songs. It got me hyped and also each member gets a solo, can I hear a yaaas? (Yass!) Thank you.

My two favourite solo songs were Mark’s and Youngjae’s. Those two songs were more of my style and I vibed with them straight away. Mark’s song On My Way was chill and melodic. I love the way he raps. He is honestly one of my favourite rappers in Kpop. His voice and his style of rapping is sexy. He’s just… I can’t. Plus I love the lyrics and feel of the song, he’s on his way, making it on up. It’s uplifting and inspiring. I’m a big fan of Youngjae’s and his voice is both powerful and sweet. I listened to his solo mv 혼자 (Nobody Knows) I don’t know how many times. He’s effortless and beautiful in his singing. I like the slow build of the song and the emotions expressed in the singing.

As for the other members each of their songs suited them to a T. I could really see their style and personality in each of their songs. I feel like that was reflected in the music video for Lullaby too.

From my understanding in the music video they each get to live out their dream. So for Yugyeom it’s dancing, BamBam is in paradise and Jackson is performing. Jaebum was living my dream though, books, books and books. Youngjae’s and Mark’s dreams also seemed fun. I mean they got to create nature and have their toys come alive. As a kid I would have loved the toys thing, as an adult I run from that juju.

As for the lyrics of the song they fit the music video really well. There’s a part about blooming which goes with Mark and about feeling like they’re dreaming in the middle of the day which goes with the whole mv. There’s even a bit about the many languages the girls speaks. As I thought the song is about love and more specifically about the wonder of love and how it makes you feel all airy and stuff when things are going well. You’ll hear couples talking about it in the early stages or when the feels hit them and this song fits that perfectly. Even Yugyeom’s dance expresses that joy.

Musically I like the song. It’s very Got7 but at the same time it’s different, they managed to mix it up without losing too much of their sound. I feel like it’s been forever since a Got7 comeback so I very much enjoyed this song and hearing them again.

Did you like the comeback? What did you like? Alternatively what didn’t you like?

Until next time,

Happy listening!


Oh I forgot to talk about the dance. It is good as always! Jaebum’s part in the sun gets to me each time. Have you checked out the dance practises? That footwork though! I love the little details they always add to their dances.

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