My Kpop Favs (Female Edition)

Today I shall be talking about my favourite Kpop groups, focusing on the female groups as last time I talked about the male groups.

Sometimes with fans the female groups tend to not be as popular but I love them, I have a whole playlist just for female groups and solo artists. There’s something about their voices together and the music they sing that touches me.

Like last time I have six groups I am going to share with you. I was into many more groups that shall get an honourable mention and you shall see they’ve almost all disbanded now. “Why!” *she cries* So my list shall consist of groups that are still active.


First up is my favourite Kpop girl group of all time, yes all time! Yes, I am a MeU, I love them!

They have an edgy weird sound that is so me. Their title songs are pure bops that will get you dancing. Then when you move on to their albums, pure gold! Pink Tape, Red Light and 4 Walls are all gold! I’m still sitting here waiting for their next golden album because I know they will never disappoint me.

Their songs are never boring and they manage to maintain their own sound. As I mentioned before having your own sound in Kpop is very important.

I got into them when I heard Nu ABO, that song starts out and you’re like, “Okay, I’m feeling this, I wanna dance!” Then they take it up a notch with the chorus and when you think it can’t get any better Luna comes out with “사랑해 빠진건…” all falsetto like and you know it’s about to go down. Ah Luna.

My bias in f(x) is Victoria although the rest of them are all bias wreckers. I have a girl crush of varying degrees on all of them. They have lovely personalities and I feel like they are always themselves.

I have many favourite songs that I shall recommend for you: Toy, Ending Page, Milk, Rude Love, Papi, Traveler ft. Zico and 무지개 Rainbow. They’re all tunes!

Oh and their dances are tons of fun.


EXID stands for Exceed in Dreaming, which I think is pretty cool. I didn’t always know this. Their fan club name is LEGO (Let’s Go).

Another group I have a healthy girl crush on although my bias is more solid, Hani all the way. They’re so fun and I love that they own their sexuality. They own the sexy side of women and talk about topics in their songs that female artists don’t typically talk about and I think that’s good.

I’ve liked them for a while now, almost since the beginning, a year after they debuted so in 2013. So I got to watch them blow up and it was so satisfying. I’m always looking for cool female rappers and when I found LE and EXID I was so confused, “Why aren’t more people into them? They have fire songs?” Then Up and Down was released and I didn’t have to worry they’d disband anymore *dances*.

Their albums too have really good songs. The ones I shall recommend for you today are: A Sul Hae, 전화벨 (Call) and I Feel Good because I feel it’s underrated.

Girl’s Day

Every day is girl’s day!

I love these ladies. Did you know they used to be five?

Anyway they’re cool. I got into them with 기대해 (Expect), it is such a fire tune in my opinion and I really love the dance. Fun fact: I learn girl group dances for the fun of it and it’s good exercise and really helps my flexibility with some songs and I’m currently jamming to this one.

With each comeback they kill it. I don’t think they’ve had a bad comeback for me. Admittedly I haven’t delved deeply into their albums so I don’t have hidden treasures for you but I love them enough to put them on this list.

The girls have big personalities and it makes whatever show they’re on more fun. They’re also honest not constantly trying to be demure and that also makes me like them more. They’re relatable celebrities.

My bias is Hyeri (I love this chick and have you seen her killing it in the acting field? Plus she’s strong, shout out to the strong slim women out there!) and the fan club name is Dai5y.


With these guys it’s the opposite, I’m into their music but I don’t know them much as people. They seem funny though and from what their fans say they seem quirky.

They remind me of Spica but they have a different flavour all their own. They can SANG! SAAAAANG! That harmony and the way they do their introduction? Art. I like how they’ve created their own brand. Again I have not come across a song I hate from them yet.

If you like the jazzy sound and soulful sounds then this group is for you.

The songs that I am going to recommend for you are: Spring Fever, Paint me and HeeHeehaheho. They also have great solo songs so check those out too!

I don’t have a bias in Mamamoo and the fan club name is MooMoo.

Red Velvet

I’ve been sleeping on Red Velvet I’ll admit. I’ve always been into their Red comebacks but I kind of fell off the radar for a while. Then I was like no, I need to listen to all the comebacks I’ve missed and watch the mvs for myself.

I have a lot to say about Red Velvet so I’ll do a separate post on them.

I got into them when they came out. I have never been so on time for a group. I liked Happiness and then Ice Cream Cake and Dumb Dumb, I also liked Automatic. They kept killing it each time they came back and I couldn’t understand how such a hit like Dumb Dumb could exist. To this day if Dumb Dumb comes on I will immediately start dancing.

For the longest time I’ve been into them musically only but I’ve started to get to know them better outside of Weekly Idol and they’re fun. They’re themselves. Joy is sexy/cute, Yeri is carrying on the tradition of evil maknaes and isn’t afraid to be herself, Irene is bae, Wendy is lovingly hyper and Seulgi is the cutest bear badass dancer.

My bias is Irene but Joy be trying to wreck, Wendy too (like stay in your lanes girls!). The fan club name is Red Velvet Love aka ReVeLuv.

The songs I shall recommend for you today are: Zoo, Kingdom Come and Body Talk.


AOA is a group who I haven’t delved into deeply but who I have a special love for. There is something about their comeback songs that I just love. I love the songs, the dances and their stage presence.

I like the body positivity that they have and how they can be classy and then sexy. I simply like them with no deep reason as to why. Perhaps the company looked into my brain and was like, “Yes Gift will love these kinds of songs”.

My favourite comebacks so far have been Excuse Me and Like a Cat.

Choa has left the group though and now it doesn’t feel the same. I shall miss her voice. My bias however is Hyejeong and the fan club name is Ace of Elvis.


Now on to the Honourable Mentions:

Spica (I’m still mad they were underappreciated), 2ne1 (we had a good run), Sistar (I loved them so much, their albums too), Miss A (why! They had such fire albums!), Kara (songs guaranteed to get you hyped), Orange Caramel (not disbanded and the kind of cute I live for), Purfles (erm I was loving them and then they disappeared, why?), Secret (Secret time! *dances*), T-ara (can’t tell me nothing about roly poly and Sugar Free) and last but not least 9 Muses.


That is it for my post today, who are your favourite girl groups?

Until next time,

Happy Listening!

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