Inspirational Gem: YoungBloodZ – I’mma Shine

I found this song when watching Step Up. The original had such a bumping soundtrack, honestly check it out. This is my favourite from the soundtrack and one of my favourite hip hop songs.

It goes in hard with the violins and has me doing an intense stank face before the beat even drops. It’s a good song but what I love even more about this song is the lyrics and the stuff that they are saying.

From the beginning they set the tone. I’m going to get it, you’re going to get it, we gon get it! Gonna get what you ask, life! My dreams!

They come in confidently believing they are going to make it in this life. They are going achieve what they aspire to achieve and they are going to kill it. They don’t stop there though, they turn around like if you want to achieve anything in life you’ve got to believe in yourself and work hard to get what you want. They’re very affirmative in the song.

They also reminded me of Muhammad Ali and how he used to say “I am the greatest” even before he was and he actually became one of the greatest boxers in history.

The power of words. If you tell yourself you’re not going to make it how do you expect others to believe in you? Plus if you’re constantly doubting yourself that makes it ten times harder for you to achieve your dreams. When you turn around and say, “I’m going to make and I’m also going to work hard,” that is very powerful. I mean look at Jim Carey. He wrote an unbelievably high check with the belief that one day he would be able to cash it and he achieved that dream when he did Dumb and Dumber. It took time and it wasn’t easy but he achieved his dream.

If you’re feeling down about your dream and are lacking self-belief and motivation listen to the song, it will light a fire under your butt.

Anyway, that is all for today.

Until next time,

Happy listening!

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