Hercules: Inaccurate and Underrated

I recently visited my nieces and you’d think I’d insist we watch something cool and hip but I proceeded to insist we watch Disney films. I was especially in the mood for Hercules.

It is so underrated. I mean the amount of good songs in this movie that go unnoticed! The Gospel Truth and I Won’t Say I’m in Love to name a few. I mean back to back bangers are in this film. Also the muses kill it! They carry the story along and are funny and funky, I mean what more do you want?

Also the amount of easter eggs in this movie are phenomenal! I had fun spotting them all. The most obvious one being the Scar one. Did you spot Scar? If you didn’t then you really weren’t paying attention.

This may be unknown but I did a post grad dip in Ancient History, we focused on Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. Hercules, of course, came up. The thing that annoyed me the most about this movie (minor complaint) is the inaccuracies. I mean Hera being his mom for one and Hera being nice for another. She was bitch to Hercules! I mean the amount of trials she put him through. And what did Hades do whilst he went through all that, he minded his own business! And when Hercules asked to borrow Cerberus he let him!

If we’re gonna do Hercules, let’s be real, Hera was a bitch.

Okay rant over. Small rant but like I said, it is a minor complaint.

I like everything else about the movie, especially the songs. It leaves me feeling warm inside, watching the movie does. It’s got humour, love and real heart. Plus Meg is a real woman with flaws and is truly independent. Well kind of, Hades owns part of her but other than that she’s got guts. She’s one of my favourite Disney female characters.

Hercules also is not annoying. He’s clumsy which is bad when coupled with his strength and he’s kind. He works hard and tries his best. He’s also humble. I like that about him in this rendition of the tale.

That’s all I wanted to say,

A beaut movie it is!


No chance! No way! I won’t say it no no!

Can I be a muse if they ever do the live action? I’m ready

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