Nappily Ever After – Review


I finally got to watch the movie Nappily Ever After! I have been looking forward to seeing this movie since I saw the trailer back when I had access to Netflix. Then my friend took a break from her account and I thought I wouldn’t get to see it for a long time… but nope my cousin has Netflix! Yay!

So what did I think? It wasn’t what I expected.

I thought it was going to be this deep journey explored through her natural hair. I thought it was going to highlight the struggles and nuances of the natural hair movement. Now, I will say, they do cover the primary conflicts. About how our hair isn’t seen as professional or perfect and neat. How sometimes we are our own enemies as expressed through her mother who pushes those ideals onto her child. Also it is hard to swim without messing up your hair and that was a struggle growing up, especially if you straightened or relaxed it.

I personally would have liked it if the movie had kept on this trail of thought. I think it would have been a gem if they had really dug deep on her mother’s insecurities and why she was the way she was. That relationship was the most interesting in the movie.

Also what was with her Dad? Was it just me or was that not explained properly? That too should have been expanded upon as it was interesting. By just skimming over it, it ended up being confusing and meaningless. Like until the ending scene I honestly thought her parents were separated and on the way to divorce.

The romance ruined the movie. I get that it was her catalyst but like what was the point of dude number one? His character was so wishy washy. Maybe there are men like that in real life but OMD come on! First he complains that she has no personality and then when she gets one and discovers herself he’s like, “Amma need you to be perfect again,” Boy bye! That relationship was a waste of time.

Also ladies if you’re with someone long enough to think about marriage mother freaking talk to the dude you’re dating about it! OMD! Communication is key folks.

The second dude was cool but it was annoying that she discovered the beauty of her hair through him. Can we have one story where the black woman discovers the beauty in herself through self discovery and not through a man?

Although I do like that they were promoting natural hair products.

So yeah, it kind of disappointed me in areas. It ended up being more of a Rom Com than anything else. I mean the ending is ambiguous when it comes to romance but still, it was all about the penis.

What did you think?

I give it a 3 out of 5.

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