Songs to give strength: Commissioned

Sometimes one just needs a song to pick one up.

(I started with one and then I had to go with it.)

Anyway songs to give strength, songs that pick you up, those are the songs that I shall be recommending today. I shall be recommending songs from one christian band that has now disbanded. They were active in the 80’s primarily but their songs are timeless. I started listening to their songs in the early 2000’s and they really resonated with me.

I’m talking about Commissioned of course, as the title highlights. They really took the message to go out and preach about the good news of Jesus coming back (the gospel) to heart. They preached but in song. Their songs are beautiful and uplifting.

I Am Here

This song is written as God talking to you. He’s saying I am here and I will always be here so why won’t you turn to Me in your hour of need?

You go through hard times and you struggle alone but God is right there ready to help, so why won’t you call on him.

This song is softly sang with beautiful harmony till it builds in the end. It’s a song that got me thinking and I like how they structured it, how they wrote the lyrics. I highly recommend it.

Everlasting Love

A beautiful ballad. When sang with harmony and all that, it is gorgeous! It slides and glides through your ears and just delights your brain.

Am I being weird? lol It’s a beautiful ballad, that is all.

I Can’t Live Without You

We’re going to celebrate now! Commissioned may have a lot of ballads but they also have songs that are straight bops. They have songs that get you dancing and feeling joy in your soul.

This song says and does what it says on the tin. They passionately declare how they can’t live without God. This song is best live. They had a reunion concert and I have the DVD of it and this song, OMD! it blew me away.

I’m Going On

In this song they declare that they are going on in the name of the Lord. The amount of times this song was stuck in my head is innumerable.

They talk about how they are following God and how God in turn looks after them and lifts them up in their lives.

It’s a simple and fun song.

Ordinary Just Won’t Do

This one is a heartfelt ballad. It’s soothing to listen to and it is sure to cheer you up.

They’re talking about the pure love of God and how they need something more than the ordinary love that this world offers. So they need the love of God as it’s higher and purer. It’s similar to I Am Here as God’s love offers comfort and hope.

Back in the Saddle

This one is for those who have failed in life or in their walk with God. The point of this song is, you only fail when you don’t get back up. You only fail when you give up, so don’t give up! It doesn’t matter how many times you get knocked down just get back up!


There are many more songs of Commissioned that offer hope and strength. I mean King of Glory, Tell Somebody etc, there have many songs. If you’re feeling down or in need of spiritual uplifting I am certain these songs will help and uplift.

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