I Love Being Feminine

Sometimes I feel like being feminine is seen as a bad thing. There are people, and I don’t mean men, who view femininity as a weakness. It’s like it’s a crime to like the colour pink or to enjoy dressing up or liking make-up. If I’ve talked about this before forgive me but let me like my pink!

I’m not into makeup but I don’t hate on girls who are. It’s an art form and it is pretty. Just because it’s pretty doesn’t mean it’s invalid.

Sure, one shouldn’t be vain. You shouldn’t rely only on your looks but that goes for guys too right? Yet why is it that handsome men are praised and confident, handsome men are praised even more and yet pretty women who enjoy looking good and being feminine are criticised? Is it just the patriarchy?

Well I for one refuse to succumb to that mind-set! I believe in being myself. I only get to live on this earth for a certain amount of time and I realised I was living my life for others. I was behaving in a way that pleased others and that did not please me. And I thought why?

When I started being myself I found I liked it. I like who I am. I see no shame in being feminine. I don’t think it’s weird that I am both feminine and a modern day warrior. I mean Xena anyone? She was a female warrior who killed it. Or hello Wonder Woman! She’s feminine and a boss! I’ve said I’m Wonder Woman; it’s time I lived up to my superhero status *JLU theme plays* (I already feel epic!)

For me I relate to superheroes as I’m a blerd (black nerd) but for you you may relate via Michelle Obama or Ciara or someone else. Or you may relate via someone in your own life. Or you may just know that you’re a boss ass bitch. Either way, live your truth.

Can we stop hating on femininity now? Thanks.

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