Christopher Robin: A Commentary on Adulthood


I finally watched it! I watched Christopher Robin.

You don’t understand how much I loved Winnie the Pooh as a kid. To have a movie where Christopher Robin is all grown up and they reunite was like getting a present I did not ask for, a beautiful present.

The movie in itself was interesting. I feel like it was a commentary on adulthood. We see Christopher’s last visit and how his schooling squashed his imagination and play drive. They instilled in him that he had to work, work and work some more, to the point he completely forgot how to play.

I find it interesting however that he never forgot Pooh and friends.

To make matters worse he also had to go to war and that can force anyone to grow up quickly. Luckily he made it back home to his wife and child but he then ended up instilling the same values his boarding school had instilled in him in his child.

All Madeline, his daughter, wanted was to play with her father, to have quality time with and to have a break. Honestly kids ask for little from their parents. All they want is your time and love and we can see that in this story. However Christopher is filled with the burden of looking after his family financially and also looking after his work colleagues.

Then Pooh comes back having lost his friends and he seeks Christopher’s help. Through that journey you see Christopher see how he has been neglecting his family in a way. Yes it’s good to provide but it is also essential that you spend quality time with them so you don’t drift away from each other.

He needed a break and he needed to learn how to play again. As we become adults we act like we can never play again, that we must be serious all the time. But that is not so. Honestly as my friend likes to say, adulthood is a scam. Don’t be so quick to kill your inner child.

His inner child ended up finding the answer the company’s problem; give the common man a holiday. Imagine, if someone hadn’t thought of that the tourism industry would have lost out on billions!

It is such a beautiful film and I thoroughly enjoyed it, I highly recommend that you see it. If you have seen it already (as it’s been out for a while) what are your thoughts?

I give it a five out of five.

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