Hidden Gem: Amber – Lost At Sea

Amber has been coming out with a lot of good music lately. She’s killing it with her solo career and I’m proud. This song that I’m talking about today is one of my favourites.

It’s in English, she has done Korean solo songs like Shake That Brass but the latest ones have been in English. Apart from Lost at Sea there is: Countdown and White Noise (I think I talked about Borders before, if I didn’t Borders is also really good and emotional).

With each comeback Amber’s style gets more and more established. At the moment (because her style can change and evolve in the future) it’s electronic and quite Indy sounding… to me anyway.

This song especially was Indy sounding. It just had that vibe with the music video and the subject matter of the lyrics. I mean I surmise that she’s talking about a bad breakup but the way she’s talking about it and expressing it is poetic.

From the lyrics it seems as if she’s the one who’s done wrong and so she’s reflecting on that. I want to say that she’s trying to self-improve as well but at the moment she’s lost at sea and so is he.

I enjoyed the artsy element of the music video from the dancing to the way it was edited. Each of the dancers had their own style as they danced a similar interpretive dance. It was very contemporary, I feel. I wonder if it means something that each dancer danced in a unique location. Amber danced at the sea, the female dancer danced on a sky rise, the male dancer with the flat hat danced in grass plains and the final dancer danced in the forest. Was it just for aesthetic or did it mean something?

What I like about Amber’s music is that thought goes into it. I feel like nothing she releases is careless. It makes me enjoy her music more and it makes me feel like I’m getting to know a part of her.

That’s it for my thoughts, what are yours?

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