A Quarter of a Century – I made it!

I have reached my quarter of a century. You know when you see a storm coming in from a distance and instead of trying to out run it you just find some safe shelter and just watch it come in. Have you ever done that? In Australia once I was going home from either a walk or church and I saw a storm rolling in. I lived in Sydney at the time and there was an abundance of lightning storms (or maybe it’s wasn’t an abundance just more than my British self was used to) and all I thought was “As long as I make it home before the storm I’ll be good”. I did and so I just sat there and waited for it reach me. That’s what turning 25 feels like; to me at least.

It might seem like I’m being dramatic but that’s honestly what 25 felt like, when I was waiting to turn 25. And then when I turned 25 I barely noticed. I was watching stuff on YouTube and my dad knocked on my door to give me my card and I was like, “Thanks but it’s tomorrow” and he was like, “Actually technically it’s today” and I was like :O. lol

Then I spent the day making my own pizza (as I’m newly lactose intolerant and it was my treat to myself) and I danced (video on YouTube). Oh and Mamma Mia was on the television so I got to watch that too which was great it’s one of my favourite musicals. I love ABBA but this is known on my blog.

So I don’t care about aging. I’m blessed with a young face so honestly I don’t change much from year to year (black don’t crack *ayyy*). Also I believe in aging gracefully. The most beautiful people in my eyes are the ones who let themselves age and do it with grace and just embrace their natural beauty. That’s my kink. Is kink the right word? Probably not but I’m sticking with it.

The problem with aging for me is societal expectations. It’s so annoying. At each age more and more is expected of me and if I haven’t reached society’s goals then I’m a failure. But then the more adults I talk to the more I find out that many of them didn’t make in their twenties and it also took them a while to get on their own two feet. Or I know adults who are in their 40s and lose their job and have to start over again.

So if we know stuff like this happens why are millennials getting so much crap? Why do they expect so much from us? Why are they so nosy? At this point I’m like mind your own business and let me figure my life out.

There are people who want to help and so ask with the intention of helping. I don’t mind them. But there are others who ask just to be nosy or to judge and they are the ones who annoy me.

So I was dreading 25 because I knew as soon as I hit this age the pressure would get worse and more and more people would start looking at me like, “Wow what a failure”. It’s hurtful honestly. As much as I try to brush it off it still hurts.

However my new life goal is to try my best at everything even if it scares the shit out of me and to fight for myself when people put me down. I need to stand up for myself more and to pick my battles carefully.

Honestly each stage of life has a lesson. It’s annoying but I guess this is what people call wisdom? I see why the old are respected because once you’ve reached the age of 80 you’ve seen, heard and maybe done it all. The only danger the old have is being stuck in their ways but that’s a post for another day.

So how did you find 25? Did you/do you feel the societal pressure?

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