Missy Elliott

Recently Missy Elliott became the first female rapper to be inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

Missy has been winning lately (always) and I’m here for it! I grew up loving her. She was my favourite rapper period! I mean she was clever with her lyrics, she was confident, sexy and fun, a lot of fun. I never knew what to expect with her music videos and that was part of the charm.

I’ll admit some songs I did not understand until I was a little bit older. For example: One Minute Man, I didn’t get it but I knew it was a bad thing and so I just went with it and enjoyed the song. As I got older though I understood the song and I liked it more. Although the music video did give away the sexual undertones so I should have known.

Should I talk about my favourite songs? (I’m asking but I’m going to anyway) Yes, yes I should!

So there’s…

Lose Control

This is my all-time favourite. If you can sit still during this song, are you human? It just killed! And it had Ciara and Fat Man Scoop and the music video with the dancing. Yo, I wanted to be a dancer!

Work It

Another one that made me want to be a dancer. This is also another song I didn’t understand the first time I listened to it and now I do. *laughs to self* Honestly the amount of songs I liked when I was younger that I didn’t understand. I loved rap ok! I couldn’t help it.

Shake Your Pom Pom

I understood this one off the bat (they all breathe a sigh of relief). This is also the song that makes me want to twerk. I can’t by the way but for some reason I feel like I can when this song comes on.

Maybe I can…

We Run This

This one gets me more hype than Lose Control and I don’t know why. I mean it’s a good song but it really gets me hype!

I kind of forgot about this song until it came on in an advert and wow I busted out all my moves!


And I also love anything she does with Ciara. Honestly they’re the dream team.

So yeah I just wanted to talk about Missy Elliott for a bit. I’m so happy for her and proud. She’s being recognised for the genius she is. She also did a speech (at a university) where she talked about how she had to work hard to get to where she is now. She had to keep pushing and not give up during the hard times as she didn’t start off successful and it was inspiring really. I just love it when people succeed in their craft and get to do what makes them happy, don’t you?

She’s not just a great rapper either; she’s also a great producer.

Agh, she’s great.

Anyway I shall end my post by asking: What is your favourite Missy Elliott song?


Ps: I also loved Car Wash with Christian Aguilera. That was for a movie but still a bomb ass song.

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