Music Corner: Jonas Brothers

Yeah that’s right! Jonas Brothers!

I know they’ve been back but I didn’t write about it and I realised recently and I was shocked… I love the Jonas Brothers! I’m not even joking I’ve been into them since secondary school days when they were active. My friend and I loved them but we wouldn’t tell anyone because our friends were above Disney and the Jo Bros *side eyes old friends*. They were missing out. (Not saying they’re Disney but they did make a lot of shows/movies with Disney).

I never actually thought they would come back. I mean it’s been a hot minute and they’re all grown, married and having children. So I thought the solo thing was going to go on for a while and Nick would carry on acting as well and then they’d have a reunion when they hit their 50’s and I’d go and cry at the concert.

But they came back sooner than that! And they’re going to have a concert in my city! Unfortunately I’m not going because still broke but my friend (the same one from secondary school) is going. Oh I’m jelly.

Their music is still good. I love it. Out of the two singles I like Sucker the most. I also love how their wives are in the music video. It was so cute and gave it that personal touch.

They haven’t lost their harmony as a band. Someone was saying that they’d never break up because they’re brothers and they were right.

Urgh! Thank you for letting me gush (you had no choice really so instead let me say thank you for reading). This whole period has been exciting for me.

Any other Jonas fans out there? Are you going to the concerts? I know they’re in January, the UK ones, but the tickets went on sale this month.

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