Hidden Gem: NCT 127 – Limitless

So remember how I talked about not knowing NCT well but liking Superhuman and being willing to check out more of their songs? I did that. Oh did I do that. In the process I also got to know the members of NCT 127. I mean it was so easy (after Super Junior and EXO I’ve never found it hard).

A song that I particularly liked was Limitless.

I started off by watching a reaction video to the song and thinking wow that dance looks fire let me check it out myself so I watched the performance music video and yes the dance is fire!

I also think I can do it. No, you don’t understand after the fiftieth time I watched the music video I already had my favourite moves and I could do them! If I can do the whole choreography is another story but I’m on my way.

I don’t just love how they dance but their expressions as they dance. They’re really feeling it! For me when it comes to dance when a person isn’t feeling it the dance feels dead so I love it when dancers show emotion and get into it.

Johnny in particular delivered on the facial expressions and stealing the scene whenever he was out front. He wasn’t out front that much and yet he was the most memorable part… that’s saying something. *gasp* Am I biased?

No he was just that good.

As for the song I like all of it. There is not one part that I dislike which I wasn’t expecting. It has a charm to it, particularly the part where Taeyong sings. I’ve seen reactions where other people didn’t like it when he played with his voice like when he sings “from the bottom uuuuup”. But I liked it.

Also Jaehyun really won me over with his singing. It was just so smooth and he has a sweet rnb quality to his voice.

My favourite part though by far is the chorus. Their voices blending together in harmony building until they get hype. I love it. There’s something about when they sing together and harmonise that gets to me. It’s what I liked about Superhuman and it’s what I like about Limitless. Oh and I also love them getting hype but that’s not surprising for me. I love to get hype.

Anyway that is it for this post.

Until next time,


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