PINK! I Love Her

Pink has recently come out with a new song 90 Days and it reminded me of why I love her.

I mean first she and her husband are acting side by side. I love that about them how she’ll just put him in her music videos. It’s so cute. Although, this particular song is of the sad variety.

It features Wrabel and talks of relationship troubles. Pink and Wrabel are struggling and they’re falling apart and they don’t know how to fix it and it’s affecting their respective relationships. So they’re like if you want to leave me, you can and I’ll get over it as long as you let me down slowly.

It’s very honest and emotional and I like that.

The song got me thinking about Pink and how long I’ve been a fan of her music for a long time. I then realised I’ve never talked about her on here and that’s a crime! So today she is the subject of this music corner! *cheers*

I have many songs that I like but I’ll keep it down to four.

First there is:

Family Portrait

This one gets me mad emotional. It’s so sad!

I mean there’s Pink and then her mini her and she’s clearly struggling and you can see that through the kid. It’s like she represents her inner child. You see that all she wants is that familial love and comfort. However then at the end of the music video the mini Pink leaves her for the perfect family in the TV and Pink is all alone and lonely and I was there like, “What! No! Come back! Someone hug her!”

It gets to me.

Just like a Pill

You’re just like a pill instead of making me better you keep making me ill. I listened to this song when I was young and yet for some reason I understood it completely.

There are people like that in this world right?

You may not have gone through a toxic relationship but you may have had a toxic friendship or someone in your fam may have treated you wrong oor a doctor may have treated you wrong. What I’m trying to say is I think anyone and everyone can relate to this song.

I like that she is not afraid to be vulnerable. Her songs are very raw and you can feel it especially in this song and in Family Portrait.

Just U + Ur Hand

So I loved this song in Secondary School but I did not get it. I just loved the melody and the fact that she was mad and singing it out. I knew she was chewing out someone so I was like yeees!

It is one of my go to karaoke songs. I mean I just belt it out, it’s so cathartic.

However as I am older now I understand the lyrics 100% and thus I love the song 1000% more.

I mean, I could write an essay on it. Why are guys like that?

Honestly if me and my friends ever find ourselves in that situation again I’ll refer them to this song or I’ll just quote lines. Thank you Pink.

Raise Your Glass

You know that saying, dance like no one is watching? That’s this song basically.

In the music video I love it when the guy at prom or something does just that and just kills it. He kills it because a) he doesn’t care and b) he’s having genuine fun.

I love how she always encourages people to be themselves and to not be ashamed of their quirks. It was very encouraging for me honestly.

Honourable Mention: Moulin Rouge

I loved her in this song. I mean this song was everything when I was younger. It had a rap breakdown and amazing singers and Missy Elliott… where could it go wrong?

Nowhere! It went wrong nowhere! (Except maybe in teaching us sexy French we should not have used at that age).

And Pink held her own. She came with her own unique style of sexy. Ugh, I loved it. And her voice, she delivered man.

I love that they had so much fun making that music video because you can tell as you watch. Maybe that’s why so many people like it. In fact because of this song I thought the movie would be fun (it was not, it was mad depressing in the end).

So that’s it, the songs that I love and the reasons why I love Pink. She hasn’t stopped being herself and I hope she continues to be authentic in the difficult world of the music industry.

What are your favourite Pink songs?

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