Favourite Kpop Comebacks of June

Hello and welcome back to another month of Kpop comebacks!!

We’re well and truly in the summer now which means we should be getting more summer comebacks. I personally am looking forward to that, summer and Autumn produce bangers.

Anyhow let’s review the month of June and what it offered us in terms of Kpop. I will be talking about the songs that stuck in my mind so not all songs or groups shall be mentioned. Do not be offended but rather comment below on which comeback was your favourite.

Yesung – Pink Magic

This song is very easy listening. If you need something soothing or just something to listen to as you study this is the song I’d recommend. Yesung’s voice is very soft throughout with passionate/powerful moments because, come on, it’s Yesung. It doesn’t take you out of the song though, the flow is very natural.

My personal opinion is that it’s not a song I’d pick out purposefully but if it came on shuffle I’d leave it and listen to it. So I neither hate it nor love it. It’s solidly in the middle.

I did however love the lyrics. Why? Because I understood them straight off the bat. I mean they’re so simple. I really appreciate songs where the message is clear and concise.

He’s talking about love and how it causes you to look at things through rose tinted glasses, how it alters your world view. In the case of the song however it’s not a bad thing. It’s cute.

The music video is cute  too… and wholesome. And of course I can’t forgot the cute appearances of Donghae and Kyuhyun (he’s back!).

My overall thoughts? It was soft and cute.

Bibi – Nabi

Bibi is fast becoming one of my favourite Korean solo artists. Last month I featured her as well but I didn’t give clear information on her.

So last months song, Binu, was her official debut. She has some predebut music on Soundcloud I have gathered from fans.

She is now signed with Feel Ghood Music and that is how I came to know her as I follow Tiger JK and Yoon Mirae on Insta (the owners of FGM).

Nabi comes out with her first album and I feel she’s made a good start and a good impression.

Her voice is rich and soulful and I just love listening to it. Her voice flows so seamlessly in this song and honestly the song is a bop. I’d love it even if it came on the radio randomly.

The lyrics are in the perspective of a cat. The cat is stating its desires and how to treat it to its owner. The song starts off saying: “I want to take more and to give less” and ends with: “I want to take more and to give more” showing how the cat has warmed up to the person through the course of the song.

The music video reflects that in the sense that Bibi plays both the owner and the cat. So we have two months in a row where the protagonist is actually a cat. Cat lovers (me included) must be living!

Aside from the music I also loved the looks in the music video particularly the one where she’s outside and the background is rolling green hills. The red/pink sunglasses and the leopard print off the shoulder top and leopard print skirt are a look!

I just loved it honestly.

 Honourable Mentions

It’s now time for some honourable mentions!! Lay came out with a new American release Honey. The song is very catchy and is about how he’s trying to pull a girl but at the same time warns her not to catch feelings which I found interesting. It’s dance centric, the music video, and I don’t hate that. You know I love me some dance. Next is Zelo with Questions. The men of B.A.P are stepping out! First it was Youngjae and now it’s Zelo and he’s singing! I wasn’t expecting that honestly. It was nice to see him enjoying himself and getting his groove on. Next time I hope he goes harder but then again maybe he prefers the lighthearted melodies. We’re getting to know their own individual colours and so that’s possible. If you wanna hear him sing then deffo check it out.


Red Velvet

So Red Velvet came back with a new song this month as I’m sure you know: Zimzalabim! This song is very crazy. It reminds me of I Got A Boy (SNSD) in the way it moves from one tempo to another, from one tone to another. Even though this is not my favourite Red Velvet comeback as soon as it came out it was #2 trending in England so others deffo like it. Having said that, I actually did like the music video and the outfits within. I know there were people who didn’t but I don’t get it? Were they expecting a normal mv from Red Velvet? If Red Velvet ever releases a normal music video I’ll know that’s a cry for help or that someone has hacked SM.

My favourite outfit is Seulgi’s the one with the string type skirt and it’s white and she wears long shorts underneath and a crop top. Honestly I would wear that, does that make me weird?

But from this comeback my favourite song is actually Sunny Side Up, it encompasses everything that I love about Red Velvet. Ok, maybe not everything because it’s more of their chill side so their twerky side is missing from this song. That doesn’t take away from the song however as I like their chill and sexy b side songs. I’m so glad they did stages for this song!

The smooth vocals from Seulgi and Joy really killed me. I also love the parts where their voices overlap. I like songs where the musicians play with their voices a little. My ears love it.

Also their outfits on the stages that I’ve seen… I’ve loved them all! I mean Irene’s off shoulder spring dress? Yeeees! And there was a black version of my fav Seulgi’s outfit!

So yes I’ve been enjoying this comeback.

Chung Ha – Snapping 

I love the live for this song. She really snaps.. aha get it?

I’ll stop.

But really she goes in. I like how she gets into the song and the emotions that the song represents. Not all artists do that and sometimes it can make a song or stage feel soulless… but not with Chung Ha!

I also just like the song. It delivers musically and performance wise. I like the way it flows.

Yep, that’s it. It’s a good song. Chung Ha is fast becoming a favourite solo artist of mine so I’m excited.

Alright so that’s it for June! What were your favourite comebacks?

Also are you as excited for July as I am????

Eeek!! It’s going to be a good month music wise *dances*


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