Finally! Sehun and Chanyeol Shining – What a life!

Yo, it’s happening! The album is finally here! I have been ready for Sehun to shine since forever and I’ve been ready for a subunit with Chanyeol since forever so this is all a dream come true.

Now I’m not just gushing over them for no reason. When I don’t like songs or albums I don’t talk about them (although that doesn’t mean every song I haven’t talked about I haven’t liked, sometimes I’m also lazy).

What I’m trying to say is I genuinely love the album and if you like the vibe of the music you will too even if you’re not an Exo fan. Also as I said in Baekhyun’s post each unit and solo has a different vibe as you get to experience the different individual styles of the members.

I would recommend this album anyone. It has themes that I think anyone can relate to and I know some of my friends would just love the songs on it.

So let me start with the title track, What a Life. What a Life is also the title of the album.

What a Life

This song really got me thinking. So the overall message is to work to play, to enjoy your work and that the purpose of working is that work so you can enjoy the fruits of your labour. For example: one of the girls from my church works hard so that she can travel. She’s a teacher and so she saves up and works and gets things gone. Then when summer comes bam she’s gone and that’s her form of play.

I’ve been feeling down about working life to be honest. It kind of seems like we work and we work and then we die. But the song challenged me like, “Really Gift? What if you worked so that you could play?”

This isn’t a new concept to me as I did used to think like this but I got bogged down with adulthood and forgot about my earlier aims.

I agree honestly, I think that that should be the aim of life. I would like to live the life that my teacher church member lives. It’s not easy that’s for sure and it takes time to get there but having that goal can be inspiring. Having that goal in mind makes those working hours go by easier.

It also helps if you have a job that you love.

I also liked Sehun’s rap as it’s so positive how he sees himself. I’m all about self-love and so I was happy reading that.

As for the music video they conveyed the play aspect. They’re out there living their best lives but they didn’t go overboard. It was realistic. At least for me, if I had the money that is how I would party, minus the boat. I’m there for the cars. I mean… ok I won’t start gushing about my love for convertible cars.

You’re welcome.

Also Sehun made that choreo, I’ve never been so proud. I mean I-

Roller Coaster

I’ve already done a post on Just Us 2 (kindly check that out) so I shall move straight on to Roller Coaster, Chanyeol’s favourite song.

I really like the melody and beat of this song. It’s creative how it skips about (if that makes sense) and the little nuggets of fun. It’s really nice.

I love Sehun’s rap in this song as well, he had me going yes! And Chanyeol’s vocals are just honey. I mean he can do it all.

As for the lyrics I liked how they kept the metaphor of the roller coaster going throughout the song. I get the impression that it is about love or someone they love. I get that from the lyrics that go on about if you’re nervous you can hold on to me and all that. Also they are talking to someone and it’s not themselves, hence I get the impression it’s about love.

On the one hand they talk about how it’s ok to be nervous and I got you! Then in the chorus they also encourage the girl to lift their hands up and to have fun. To let loose y’all! I like that duality. It kind of reminds me life, you have moments where you’re nervous and need to rely on someone but also moments you need to let loose and to just have fun.


What’s that I hear, favourite song alert?

Yes, you heard right. I think this might be my favourite song on the album (but I also love Just Us 2… I’m not sure ok! But it’s up there).

I just love the melody! I love the contrast between the beat and the calm measured yet sincere singing/rapping. This one touched me. I heard it and I was like yes. [Insert Thor ‘Another!’ meme]

I’ve heard this song is talking about being friend zoned. I can see that. What I wrote whilst listening to the song is: it’s about wanting to cross the line that separates you and the person you want to be with. They, Sehun and Chanyeol, don’t want to be friends anymore and want to cross over into being lovers (now that I write it I definitely see the friend zoning!). Also in Chanyeol’s verse I got the impression that he wanted to stop the whole push and pull games and to just cross on over.

I like it.

No, I love it.


It starts off slow and chill and maintains that chill vibe even when it picks up. It’s a peaceful song and it’s perfect for listening to when you want to think.

It has a small room atmosphere, in the sense that it would be perfect for concerts in intimate small locations. It’s intimate basically was my first impression.

I like that it has quite a bit of instrumental interludes that allow for the thinking I mentioned above. The instrumental interludes also allow you to ruminate in the music.

I also liked how it started and ended with the ticking noises.

As for the lyrics they’re bittersweet I thought, the bitter sweetness of a daydream. The song could be about the ending of a relationship or about them going through a rough patch. Either way I felt that they were being supportive helping their significant other but that the significant other was already leaving or somewhere else mentally. As in their mind was elsewhere.

This is another potential favourite, it vibed with me.

Closer to You

This song is just so stinking cute! It’s another one in the contest for Gift’s favourite song on the album.

I don’t normally get won over by romantic songs because I get cringed out but this one, this one got to me. I sat there completely uwu!

It’s too cute. So I wrote down all my favourite lyrics!

Let’s sit in the back seat together, hold hands and go to space.

The sky is spinning, wish it would spin a little more. {I love how Sehun sings this line urgh!}

I can’t take my eyes off you, you shine too much. I can’t stop listening to you because only pretty words come from your lips.

Like a phone number with the same beginning and end, no matter where I look you’re so pretty.

So cheesy and I’m melting!


Those are all the songs on the album. It’s very summer vibes and late nights, it’s a chill album but in a different way from Baekhyun’s. Honestly summer vibes and late nights is the best way for me to describe it.

I highly recommend you check it out! If you have already what was your favourite song?

Update: Borderline won my heart, Borderline and Just Us 2.

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