Beyoncé – Brown Skin Girl

This song is purely beautiful and I’m really happy it was made. I mean I may not watch The Lion King but I definitely will listen to the soundtrack.

I love songs that empower and uplift a people. The people in question for this song are brown skin girls. Beyoncé is singing to every little girl who is black and filled with melanin, telling them that they are beautiful!

I have heard that some people are asking “But oh what about light skinned girls?” as the song focuses more on black girls who are dark and to that I say let other people shine! Just because Beyoncé is singing to women and girls who are dark does not mean that lighter black women aren’t beautiful.

I don’t know about you but growing up I’ve heard black people put down those who are dark whether they be male or female, although the females got it worse.

I remember my cousin thinking she wasn’t pretty but thinking I was. And I was like why, we resemble each other and you’re very beautiful. The only different between us is that I am lighter. So I’m glad this song exists for women and girls like her. Now she believes she’s beautiful, thank God.

I hate colourism in all its forms and so for a song like this to exist… *happy sigh* it makes me happy.

In the song they sing about knowing your worth and to never change. That is powerful for young black girls everywhere. Don’t you think?

Just by looking at my Twitter time line I can see how it’s positively impacting people already and I’m excited.

So my favourite lines from this song:

Your skin like pearls

Glow like diamonds

I love everything about you from your nappy curls {heart eyes}

Your skin is not only dark, it shines and it tells your story!

I love how the beat is simple but still kills, allowing you to dance along and to focus on what they’re singing. I love Wizkid in the song and that she involved Blue Ivy. It’s the sweetest thing.

I don’t know about you but this shall be my anthem. I shall play it for all my relatives and for my future kids… I don’t care. I will share this song everywhere so that it can inspire and uplift as many girls and women as possible.

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