Is there such a thing as a stress free life?

Can life really be stress free?

I can’t remember where I saw this but it got me thinking, is that possible? Is it only possible with money? But then again rich people are not necessarily happier.

I don’t think being rich is the answer because I’ve seen celebrities who looked like they had it all kill themselves due to depression and other reasons.

Also everyone measures stress differently. What stresses me out may not stress you out and so how can we measure this?

We can’t look at someone’s life and think, “Yep because they haven’t gone through a, b and c they haven’t received stress.” Because stress is in the eye of the beholder and so is hardship. People go through different things and what is hard for one person is easy for another. So we cannot judge one another.

So is it possible to have a stress free life?

Or perhaps it’s about how you perceive life. I’ve seen people who go through hardships but because they’re positive they power through and live a positive life.

How did they get there? How do they look at the crappy parts of life with a smile on their face? Were they born with that strength or was it learnt?

As you can see I do not have the answers. I am merely asking. So what do you think?

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