Chung Ha – Chica

Honestly Chung Ha is one of my favourite solo artists now. It’s a fact! I have decided and I don’t think I’m going back.

All her songs are banging, she’s got great choreography and a lovely personality and I love her stage presence.

So she’s been promoting another song off her recent album, Chica. I saw the live stage and thought I’d just check out the song as my curiosity was piqued and I’m glad I did. It’s so good!

I love the song and the chorus most definitely got in my head pretty quickly. I love how the dancers are all female and that they came to slay. The choreography is cute and strong at the same time. I heard that she made the choreography as well which is awesome.

Now about the lyrics, even hearing the English you can tell this song is one that is meant to uplift women. I love that. I will always be about uplifting women to love themselves.

The first verse gave me the impression that she is encouraging women to be their true selves and to be confident. It is hard to our authentic selves for many reasons and I like how she’s encouraging self-love no matter what, for all types of women.

I like how she also empathises how you are beautiful, yes you!

I have heard that the song is a message to her younger self and that adds another layer to the lyrics.

I also love the line “It doesn’t matter how many times you fall as long as you try.” I needed that. I mean it’s hard to fail and it’s even harder to get back up but we need to as if we don’t get back up then we stay down.

So yeah, I like the various messages of the song. I love how she’s using her platform to uplift and help others. I highly encourage that you check the song out.

Until next time,


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