Favourite Comebacks of July

I have been blessed this month. So many comebacks have happened especially from Exo *happy sigh* it’s been glorious!

The comebacks that weren’t Exo were also great and I shall be talking about my favourites. If I don’t talk about them let me know which comeback you most enjoyed.

So let’s begin!

D.O. – 괜찮아도 괜찮아That’s Okay

So as most Exo stans know D.O., Kyungsoo, has gone to the military early. I know, we will miss him but hopefully the time that he is gone shall fly by! And then he’ll be back and we’ll celebrate.

Before he left though he just gifted us with this song and it’s like, “*hand on heart* Thank you!”

It is released on SM Station 3 and it was released right on July first. It was a nice send-off filled with good vibes and comfort.

It is a soothing ballad and he sings effortlessly. It was like he didn’t pause to breath at all. The notes just flowed out of his mouth one after another.

It is definitely my style of ballad, soft but not too depressing. I also liked that it was acoustic; it’s just the guitar and his voice. So you know for sure when I miss him I shall listen to this song. And when he’s back I’ll still listen to this song.

Onto the music video I really enjoyed the animation and how it matched with the lyrics of the song. I liked the symbolism of the plant and how it healed. I felt like it was representing how as the cactus healed he, the man, healed.

I took it from the animation that his dog died and so that was the pain he was recovering from but I’m not 100% sure about that. Also every time he went to bed and he saw the stars the cactus would heal more. So he’s was healed by the stars or when he rested and took time for himself.

I liked how at the end the cactus bloomed and colour came back into the world. I took that to mean he had fully healed.

As for the lyrics they’re as beautiful as the music video. The line that stood out to me the most was: A sense of numbness in a multitude of emotions. That’s relatable, for me anyway.

I feel like it’s a reflective song looking at past moments of hurt and difficulty whilst still being optimistic and hopeful for the future.

Whatever happens it will be ok.

Am I reaching?

Ailee – Room Shaker

The queen is back! I have been missing Ailee. I mean she is one of my OG favourite Korean solo artists. I was sitting here wondering, why she hasn’t had any comebacks of late?

I don’t have to wonder anymore as this month she came back! I’m so happy.

About the song, it has a club feel to it. It goes hard, the beat is banging and it is a good dance song. Its style definitely reminded me of club music.

How hard it goes matches Ailee’s voice. She went on Hello Counsellor and just hearing her sing it live… *chills* she has POWER in her voice.

She also raps a little bit in this song. That was a nice surprise. She can really do anything musically.

Ailee’s always been confident in her songs and music videos and in this one she delivers again. She delivers in charisma and in how she hits every dance move. With each look she owns it. That part of her personality I have always loved.

So yeah, a solid comeback. I can’t wait for more from her. I know it’s a little unsure at the moment as she’s no longer with her previous company, I think this was her last one with them so I look forward to her future endeavours.

Baekhyun – UN Village

Finally Baekhyun came out with his solo debut! Not that I don’t love him in Exo but after I saw other members trying solo work I thought it would be good if Baekhyun also tried and he did!

As you know I love the album. If you want to know what I thought on it you can check out my post on it.

The title track fits in perfectly with the slow jam vibe that the album has going. I like the beat and how his voice just blends with itself. It’s like he’s doing a duet with himself… such talent.

It’s a romantic song that I love. Some romantic songs cringe me out but this one doesn’t. I like how he’s talking to “her”, it appeals to me. It’s soft and sweet but direct.

The music video however is a little lonely. You don’t actually see a love interest. However I later thought perhaps they were going for an artsy vibe.

In that sense I liked how they played with colour and shadow. It can be very monochrome and he’s hidden in shadow in some parts. Plus the architecture really goes with the vibe of the song and video.

I loved the outfits as well, simple and yet stylish.

The live version music video is a favourite as well. I love to see musicians enjoying themselves whilst they sing. I love to see him jamming and if you do too I recommend you check out the live version mv.

Now onto the…

Honourable Mentions!

First there is KNK’s Sunset (S/S Collection). Now is this comeback part of a fashion show campaign or something? I ask because of the title and also because of the sexy bougie vibe of the song! I love it! It had me from the get go. It personally gave me laser dancer party vibes. You know like in Step Up 3 when he meets the female lead at the dance party but it’s dark and they just dance and they barely say a word to each other but they just feel the connection or he feels what she’s putting down… ooh it’s sexy. And the dance! Watch the live, honestly it’s just art!

The second honourable mention that I have is Day 6’s Time of our Life. Jre from JREKML said it’s the perfect anime opening and he was right, it really is. An anime needs to snatch this song up quick and make a deal with JYP. Day 6 is a band, if you don’t know, so a little different from the usual kpop style. So if you’re looking for something different and you dig the anime opening band style, check this song out. Also I love how they convey joy as they play their music.

The third honourable mention is Exo SC’s What a Life. I’ve talked about this on another post but I just had to mention the song again because I’m so proud! They really came through and did that! Also they made a music video for Closer to You. I liked it. It tapped in to my desire to do donuts in an empty lot whilst thinking about love.

Last but not least is…

Hyuk – Way to You

He came through!

N (Hakyeon) is in the military and Leo is soon to go so Vixx is kind of on hiatus. The other members are doing their own thing and so I’m glad that in this off season Hyuk is also getting the chance to do his own thing and to show his music. I’m so proud.

I like the sound of the song. The melody and the gentle playing of the guitar are beautiful. Hyuk’s voice is beautiful. It’s soft, lilting and peaceful.

The line that stuck out to me the most was: It’s only you whom I find at the end of my path. Isn’t that stinking sweet? It is a pure romantic and unproblematic song. I love the lyrics and how they simply convey love.

I like the lyric video and the small video he released of him singing it live. The lyric video made the imagery I’m always talking about come to life, you know of driving whilst listening to music. Ironically I wouldn’t add this to my driving playlist. This one is more suited to my bedtime playlist or when I need to relax and think. It’s very peaceful so it’s better suited for that for me.


So that is all for July!

Wow, there were so many comebacks. I wonder what August will bring…

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