Silver Linings: The Perks of Being Broke

I’ve been broke for a while and it can be depressing. But of late I’m sick of being negative or the vitamin D has finally penetrated my skin and I’m feeling a little more positive these days. So I thought, what are the perks of being broke?

You Appreciate Money more

In the sense that you’re not wasteful. You know that money can be gone in an instance and so when you have it you use it strategically.

This may be specific to me but when I get money now I set it aside for the things I need first and then I get the things I want later. It may be a common sense thing but common sense is not that common.

I’ve never been the type to just spend and spend but everyone has something they splurge on and I’ve learned how to control that and to only splurge when I can and if I truly want and will use and appreciate what I buy.

You Learn to Have Fun without Money

It’s like me and alcohol. When I used to hang with my uni friends some of them need alcohol to have fun but I was raised Christian and so I never had alcohol and I didn’t feel the need to in uni and so I could get hype off air. All I needed to dance was a good song (which was hard to come by at some events *side eyes*).

It’s the same with money. I can have fun without it. I can exercise at home and I have been blessed with shelter, food and the internet. I am also blessed to be British in the sense that I can get help if I ever become homeless.

So yeah I am not alone and I don’t need money to have fun. Honestly this may be an extension of perks of being an only child as I learned to have fun on my own and with little to nothing from a young age.

I mean when I was living in Rwanda as I kid I did not have money of my own. My mother was in England and I was looked after by relatives but I was so happy, especially when with my grandparents.

I would have loved to have stayed with them forever. I’ve been told I would have been poorer but I’m poor now! And being poor in England I was so sad for the longest time because my hard work wasn’t paying off and it felt like why did I bother? I self-published two books but I got little success from them (so far… still hopeful) and people over here measure success and if you don’t meet their expectations they pity you or look down on you. But with my grandparents life was simple and filled with love. I was so happy! Every day my soul was filled and my days with them are my happiest memories. I don’t think they knew how much they gave me.

So yeah they showed me how to live a happy life even when your success is moderate. They had a house, food, God and a neighbourhood that supported each other.

You Learn Who Your Friends Are And Who Is Rooting for You

It’s a cliché but clichés are clichés for a reason.

I have found this to be true, I have lost friends since becoming broke and I’m ok with it. I’d rather find out now than later right?

Also you find out the people who genuinely want you to succeed. There are people that fake care and their fake care can leave you feeling icky. But the ones who genuinely care leave you feeling like you can conquer the world. They cheer every milestone and build you up every step of the way. Treasure such people.

So yeah, those are the perks of being broke from my perspective. What are yours?

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