Achieving Personal Goals (Languages) – Early 20’s Lessons Part 3

My early twenties have been about achieving personal goals, not big ones but little ones.

I passed my driving license, I learned how to cook some of my grandmother’s dishes (my grandma’s food is the best food), I finished a lot of books (my total is now seven finished books with two of those self-published) and I have gained muscle, gone to the gym, gotten stronger and become more flexible.

These were all personal goals I set for myself and I’m really happy I achieved them.

The goal that is the topic of this post however is language!

I am learning Korean, Japanese and Spanish and I want to be fluent in all three languages.

I kept dragging my feet with Korean however. I’ve had the Living Language books since 2013 and yet it took me ages to complete them. It wasn’t because they were too difficult but because I was undisciplined in my approach.

So last year I decided, I am going to focus on Korean, I am going to revise and make a plan to finish the books. It worked y’all, I actually did it! I finally finished all the books, intermediate and advanced last year and early this year (I finished essential ages ago).

I felt so accomplished. Like there are things in my life I have failed to do but at least I didn’t let myself down on this part.

Now, book learning is only part of learning a language. Although Living Language is good it teaches you more about grammar and culture, the technicalities of the language and the culture it comes from rather than vocabulary.

So when I watch Korean shows I understand more than I did before but there are still words that I don’t know. That was disheartening. It made me think, will I ever be fluent in Korean? Were my efforts in vain?

Then I went back to my Duolingo account because Duolingo makes up for Living Language’s lack of vocabulary. I had deleted my Korean course because I didn’t like the new layout of Duolingo last year but I re-added it and I decided to take the test instead of starting from scratch and guess what? I got 63% fluent!

Can you believe that?

That might seem like a small number but it’s huge for me. As I was doing the test I noticed I know a lot more than I did before. I actually understood the sentence and even thought of alternative sentences.

I still have a ways to go but I am very happy with the progress I have made so far.

Now because I finished my Korean books I can concentrate on Japanese and Spanish again and hopefully I will make gains with them too.

What have you achieved in your early twenties? Or what did you achieve?

It’s easy to look back and to only see how you failed but I have discovered it is better to look back and to see where you succeeded.

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