Let’s Talk About Daredevil Season 3

Spoilers Sprinkled Within

Yes, I know I’m late to the party. In my defence I didn’t have Netflix (I still don’t but I did a trial and made sure I watched all I wanted to watch) and so when it came out I didn’t have the chance to watch it. And also I heard shortly after it was released that it was cancelled and so season 3 would be the last season on Netflix.

I was so disappointed! It’s such a good series. It has good plots, great characters and it’s my favourite marvel series! Why did they cancel it and yet they pay for crappy movies (looking at you Tall Girl, AfterSarah Burgess is a Loser… urgh!) and mediocre series. Really… Daredevil is worse than them?

I don’t believe it and after watching season 3 for myself I don’t believe it even more.

I really enjoyed what they did with season 3. Matt’s storyline alone was interesting. He had a crisis of faith, he found out about his parents (that was a shock I did not see coming) and we saw him build himself back up and have what was broken in him emotionally fixed or rather get on the way to being fixed.

I really like how the series shows real growth. It doesn’t happen in an instant it takes time.

Also I always enjoy seeing Foggy… my man, I love him. No complaints from here *sits in Foggy fanclub waving a banner*. And I love how we got to know more about Foggy and Karen away from Matt. All three of them had their own arcs and trials that they had to overcome and that made for an interesting and engaging series.

Then the villains. I was so excited when I realised who was Bullseye. I mean I’ve seen him (Wilson Bethel) in Hart of Dixie as Wade so to see him as the villain… it was a trip. He was so good! I liked that they fleshed out his backstory and we got to know his psyche more.

My only complaint for Bullseye is I felt like we didn’t get his look. We got to see his beginning but we didn’t get to see him mature into the crazy and dangerous villain Colin Farrell portrayed so well (say what you want I loved his version of Bullseye). But I blame Netflix for this as I’m sure season 4 would have given us more development.

Now Fisk aka Kingpin. He annoyed me so much! How much does he monologue? Honestly the FBI’s first mistake was letting him talk. They should have been like: this is the deal yes or no? And then they should have taken out his enforcer. The joy I felt when Matt dangled the enforcer off a building…

Having said that I didn’t understand what the fuss was about as it really seemed like he was cooperating with the FBI but nah, man had planned everything from the beginning! Can you believe that? He was so smart!

I was actually impressed because the show surprised me where I thought I could not be surprised anymore.

And his girl, Vanessa *sneers*, I feel like she’s the real villain or has the potential to be worse than Fisk. What exactly is she attracted to in Fisk? I kind of want to dive into her psyche because I was like, “Really girl? Really?” Perhaps she’s attracted to power.

Whatever she killed Ray Nadeem and I want her to go down. Ray… he was such a good character that I knew was going to die. I didn’t know how though and the how shocked me. It’s just he managed to die but still take them down with him. He was the MVP.

What he went through… I felt for him. I really did.

He was just so human. He was trying his best for his family, got manipulated and then had to struggle to do the right thing. He was truly horrified at what had happened and… man… he went through it.

*deep sigh* Such a nuanced series and it’s cancelled. I only hope they do a Young Justice and renew it elsewhere because I will watch it 100%.

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