Music Corner: Suho

I have been unproductive of late and it’s funny given the current situation worldwide you’d think I’d be banging out posts left, right and centre but nope I haven’t been. Procrastination has hit me hard.

But it’s over and I’m back! There are a lot of comebacks happening from groups/individuals I like and so my music corner shall be bumping this April.

First on my list is Suho!

Suho is the leader of the kpop group Exo. Baekhyun got to do a solo album and so did Chen last year. Last year we also saw Sehun and Chanyeol debut a subunit (that I love!).

It is Suho’s turn to release a solo album and after Suho Kai will release one… isn’t this exciting? I never thought we would get to have solo albums for Kai and Suho whilst they were under SM but we are! What a year! (Honestly music and my hobbies are keeping me sane).

So Suho, his title song is called Let’s Love in Korean 사랑 하자. When I saw the title alone I was already in love. I mean Exo’s motto is ‘let’s love’. I mean it’s ‘We are one’ too but they also say ‘let’s love’ in Korean all the time and I just… that’s so sweet. My heart was touched.

What about the song itself? It’s so peaceful. The whole album to be honest is so peaceful. You know how people find ASMR so peaceful that it puts them to sleep, for me it’s music that does that. I would put this on my soothing playlist. Not just for when I need to sleep but just when my soul needs soothing.

Looking at the lyrics it feels like it’s a love song to himself. A journey on self-love and all. This may just be my interpretation I haven’t had a chance to watch the interviews yet. I also thought this because of the music video how he’s sitting in the art gallery space and it’s all derelict but by the end of the mv it’s restored and we end on a portrait of Suho with him singing the words “You’re my love”.

So beautiful, dang!

And it’s so introspective. He mentioned that he wrote the songs himself and Suho’s always struck me as a deep thinker and his music reflects that. His personality and his colour really come through on this album and I love it.

I also love that he got to perform the songs live. I watched all of them and I don’t have a favourite. When I listened to them the first time I liked 02 the most but the second time I liked Starry Night and Made in You the most. So I don’t have a definite favourite.

Side note: The lyrics of the songs I’ve mentioned… they’re all about love right, love for a special someone. Starry Night is straight poetry honestly. Even Self Portrait is about love, losing love and wanting them back. For You Now 너의 자례 is art and it features Younha… art!

Overall Suho is introspective and his sound to me is clear, honest and goes straight to the heart. I look forward to hearing more from him in the future.

What was your favourite song?

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